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Why Startups are like Rock n Roll Bands

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by Startacus Admin

Tongue in cheek perhaps, but admittedly still in the spirit of Rock n Roll, this is an almost no holds barred article on why Startups are like Rock n Roll bands…

Some esteemed entrepreneur type folk seem to want to suggest that being an entrepreneur is the new Rock and Roll. We are all Rock Stars apparently, our music is the startups we create, and the drugs, the energy that ‘the scene’ creates. Wow you might think, this Shoreditch Roundabout must be something fabulous!

However in reality, being an entrepreneur is a little like getting a little older every day and playing music with other dads ( or mums of course) in your startupsmate’s garage. Of course every now and again - the odd creative genius comes along and sets the scene on fire, but for the majority of us, it might be ‘pub gigs’, pizzas and garage practices from now to eternity (or until you quit your startup lifestyle and return to full time and paid employment!)

But, just take a minute (or two) to consider it. There are quite a few similarities between working in a startup and being in a Rock n Roll Band. How? You may be wondering. Well, here’s just a few for starters…

You need a good front Man / Woman

You might have 2-3 other co-founders in your business, but much like a band needs a good front man or woman , so does a startup or established business. You both need someone to present your brand and pitch your message!

You’ve got to be in the same key
It’s all well and good having a startup team of perhaps 5, but much like a band, you all need to be in tune with each other and aware of and aiming for the same core aims and objectives. That’s key then!

You’ve got to have different skills and talents
Not many Rock n Roll bands have 5 lead singers do they? And much like a startup, you need to make sure you have the key positions filled to perform 100%. Someone pitching the message at the front, someone playing the tune and dotting the i’s, someone making sure that the message comes out at the right pace ….the analogies could continue...

You need some wheels dude
Sorry - just wanted to add that in :)

You need a super cool brand / band or at least one that fits the audience
Whilst they might not always admit it, most Rock n Roll bands take ages to work on their image. That image needs to be unique, make them stand out and fit in with their desired fanbase or audience. A startup is no different. A strong image or brand is a must - one that works, properly reflects the product or service and is attractive to its prospective and active audience.

You need Groupies
Groupies or Super Fans are very important for both Rock n Roll bands and Startups. Much like a band might think it is the next big thing - it still needs a loving audience and followers if it is going to make it big and become successful. Startups too need a fanbase - clients, customers and influencers who can spread the word of what they’re all about.

So it’s not quite like Rock n Roll, but I like it…

There are probably lots more analogies that we could come up with, but in true Rock n Roll style, we’re off…Encore? Nah…

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Published on: 14th December 2013

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