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Why a career in a startup can be a good idea

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Why a career in a startup can be a good idea...

Firstly lets get down to the basics - the terminology and association around what is a ‘startup’ company can vary slightly depending on where you live and the type of industry you career in startupwork in. In its purest form - a Startup is an early stage .com type business in the process of formalising its business and its business model. In more general terms a startup is any type of business that has just launched and is in the early stages of trading or operation.

How long a startup remains a startup is again debatable - but a common assumption is that its been going a while and is a profit making and sustainable business.

Disadvantages include the fact that lots of startups fail, generally lower wages initially are on offer and available, and there can be a lack of business structure. However, these issues don’t necessarily mean less security. To be fair you could (like I once did) work for an established business for ten years and still have no job security and be made redundant, so to be honest all of the above ring true for most businesses anyway!

So why could working for a startup potentially float your boat? Well, here's some of the basic reasons, and often advantages to working for and potentially starting your career life working for a startup.


In an established business - degree or otherwise, you generally start at the bottom and work your way up....up...up (or otherwise depending on how bothered you are!). However within a startup where there is a team of 1,2,3,4 (i.e.very few staff) you pretty much become an integral part of the team - immediately. Day one. Indeed there’s no hiding when working for a startup, but at the same time there’s no hiding the level of experience that you can gain. You’re benefitting by being given an opportunity to add experience to your CV, and also an opportunity to potentially become one of the original staff members in what could become a really big business.


Within an established business the chances are that unless they are a really innovative and forward thinking company, the structure, the business model and how they operate has already been determined. Yes, they might change the dress code, the logos, the pricing structure - but the big decisions, the creative parts, the innovation and invention? Well a lot of that has already been well and truly done. However in a startup - all that decision making, creativity and general messing around - is yet to be finalised.


The mindset of working for a startup is important and differs generally from working for an established business. Not only are you creating something - you are competing against career in startupall the established businesses that already inherit that business space. ‘Us’ versus the rest - can be a really cool mindset and subsequently environment to work in and to develop your career in.

A chance

A chance to make a difference. A chance to be the best big thing. A chance to stand out. Of course, it’s just a chance and as I have co-founded a startup myself, you would really expect me to say that. Don’t get me wrong - some startups fail, some startup bosses suck, and some startups offer and have none of the above advantages. However, when I look back on my career, will I have benefited from the life and career experience of working and being an integral part of a startup business? Yes, of course!

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Published on: 14th September 2013

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