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Which Software Can Benefit Your Startup? 6 You Can't Miss

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From increasing efficiency to boosting revenues - here is an overview of the top 6 software applications that may benefit your startup in 2021

The road that you take to build a startup can be really challenging. Let’s accept the truth. It takes a lot of patience, effort, talent, a growth mindset, and most importantly, the right set of tools or software for you to succeed with your venture. According to Statista, “The main challenge to the success of a startup is generating new business.”

Digital technologies in the current times are a savior for any kind of startups or small businesses and helps them automate most of their time-consuming processes and focus on the most important function - that is, generating business. 

Top 6 Software Applications That Can Benefit Your StartUp

With the Covid-19 pandemic having such a devastating effect across the globe, these digital software or applications have really been a boon in disguise while supporting teams to work remotely, maintain collaboration, and continue business as usual. 

Imagine what it would be like to increase your efficiency and boost your revenues with the help of a few tools and resources. What if you can get your hands on some of the most trending tools among the startup owners? 

document.And that’s exactly what I’m going to share with you today. Here is a list of the top six software applications that may vastly benefit your startup in 2021. 

1. Document360

Document360 is a document management software that can make a massive difference in your business.

The software will help you to stay up to date and work with your team efficiently. You can share documents externally or internally in an easy way, and everything it´s easy to reach. If you are looking to create guides or any manuals, it is a great option for having documenting software.

Starting with a small price of $49, it will be an excellent piece of software to have in your business.

1. MeisterTask

MeisterTask is one of the best project management software available in the market. It’s not only easy to use but also employee and manager-friendly. With its powerful Kanban structure this tool facilitates the smooth transition between various projects. It offers an amazing user experience with its stunning user interface (UI). 

Though the appearance of this software is quite humble, it packs some powerful capabilities behind its sleek design. While most of its features are beneficial for collaboration among teams, some of the features, such as Agenda, Dashboard, and desktop apps, are especially designed to guarantee success. If you need to monitor productivity, that is also covered with the Progress Reports, Time Reports, and Safety Reports. With some cool integrations and easy-to-use admin functionalities, you should be able to set your team up for success in no time. 


The software offers a basic free version with selected core features. The Pro version is available at $8.25/user/month while the Business version is priced at $20.75 per user per month. The price of the Enterprise edition is available upon request. 

2. Wix

wix.With the shift in the ways of working due to the Covid-19 pandemic, having a website is of utmost importance. And to take care of all your website design requirements, you have this amazing cloud-based tool called Wix. This is a perfect tool to build small websites and with the drag-and-drop functionality, creating a website with Wix is as simple as a child's play. And what’s more, you do not need to have prior coding experience to get started with Wix. 

With 800 designer-made templates and advanced web development functionalities, Wix offers everything you need to get your digital business up in no time. Believe it or not, there are currently 4.6 websites live on the Wix platform. 

Wix offers you three options to build stunning websites:

  • Wix Artificial Design Intelligence (ADI), which helps even if you do not have any IT skills,

  • Velo, which enables you to create database collections, and 

  • Wix Editor, which allows you play with the design and functionality of your website 


There is a free version available which you can use to create simple sites. But if you are a professional user, you need to choose from the following plans - VIP plan which is available $39/month, Pro plan with complete online branding priced at $23 per month, Unlimited plan suitable for freelancers and entrepreneurs and is priced at $18/month, and the Combo plan for personal use available at $14 per month. There is also an Enterprise version available which is equivalent to Shopify Plus and is available for $500 per month. 

3. Piktochart 

piktochart.If you’ve a design business, then Piktochart should definitely be the top choice for you. This tool is designed for all kinds of professionals who need to create engaging visuals or run a design agency. It is a great tool even for those who do not come with a specific design background but are still looking to add interesting visuals in their work. 

With thousands of customized templates and fonts, you can design just about anything with the help of this visual communication tool, such as flyers, posters, infographics, presentations, and more. Say for example, you need to communicate the advantages and disadvantages of any product, you can simply use comparison infographics to display the factors side by side using graphics, images, and icons to add the visual context. This will allow your target audience to glance through the important points and make a decision within a few minutes. 

The interface is simple and fun and you can download all your images in several quality formats. The best part is that you are able to get the size for every impression and can even select a customized one. The not-so-steep learning curve of this tool helps you create impactful presentations and pitches with an effective weighing of receptivity among clients. 


The basic version is free while the Pro and Team versions are priced at $24.17 and $16.50 per seat per month respectively. If you need a custom number of seats, feel free to schedule a Teams call where you also get a live demo of the product along with an opportunity to discuss your potential challenges and business requirements. Isn’t that great? 

4. Matomo 

matomoDeveloped by a team of international developers, this Google Analytics alternative, which was earlier named as Piwik, offers you a powerful analytics platform with 100% data ownership. Matomo has completely revolutionized the way a powerful web analytics platform should function and where you can stay in full control of all your data. The user-friendly interface provides you with comprehensive features and actionable insights that offer the complete picture to your customers. 

The most prominent features that are unique to this tool are content interactions, media analytics, transitions, row evolution, and visitor profiles. With this visitor profile, you can trace every action that an individual has performed on your website and then that is compiled into a complete historical profile. 

The best part is that with this tool you can securely track your data by complying with all the data governance laws and do not need to compromise on your users’ privacy. This is a secure and transparent platform that adjusts to your business needs and can also be customized to meet your varied requirements. You can import your Google Analytics data to this platform and there is no limitation on how much data you can store. If you need to refer to the software documentation related to installation, configuration, maintenance, analytics and more, you can refer to the User Guides section at any time. 


This software is actually available for free under the GPL license. It also respects the freedom to modify the software based on the users’ needs. If you’re really interested in giving back, then you may participate in their Community project and sponsor a new feature. 

5. Nutshell

nutshell.If you’re looking at automating your sales process, then this is an all-in-one software that sets your team at the right pace. With Nutshell, you will be able to design and implement a sales process that helps reduce efforts spent on time-consuming tasks and instead have your sales representatives focus on quality leads. This is the most flexible Customer Relationship Management (CRM) tool that allows you to view as well as manage your pipeline effectively. Their customizable reports are easy to use and you can easily measure your performance and focus on the growth areas. 

Nutshell also serves as the central repository for all your contacts and emails so that you and your team are able to access them whenever needed. Overall, it serves as a great tool to unite your sales team and with its Marketing feature, you can create and send beautifully designed emails and turn your subscribers into loyal customers. 


Get started with the Starter version that is priced at $19 per user per month or maximize every opportunity with the Pro pack which is available at $35 per user/month. 


All these software listed above are beneficial for your startup in terms of convenience, business operations, and efficiency. They come with the indefinite power to enhance your startup potential and boost your Return on Investment (ROI). Even if the road to building your start-up is challenging, we are sure that the software mentioned in the above list will definitely overcome all the challenges and succeed in the long run. You just need to use them wisely and that will help you flourish your business and experience sustainable growth over the years. 


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Published on: 4th May 2021

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