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Where are the UK’s most ambitious people in 2021?

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New research from Corporate Coach Group reveals the UK's most ambitious cities and includes top tips on how to make 2021 your best year ever when it comes to achieving your goals

photo-1585776245865-b92df54c6b25.Whilst 2021 may be a year where any resolutions might look a little different compared to ‘normal’ circumstances - new research has revealed the locations of the UK’s most ambitious people in January 2021.

The research, from leadership and management training provider Corporate Coach Group, analysed Google search data for the final three months of 2020 to establish where in the UK residents were most likely to be searching for the tools and knowledge to achieve their personal and professional goals in 2021.

The top ten ambitious cities in the UK based on Google search data in January 2021 are:

1. Bangor         

2. Truro           

3. Salisbury      

4. Chester      

5. Inverness     

6. Lincoln 

7. Bath

8. Derry-Londonderry

9. Durham

10. St. Albans

Commenting on the results, Chris Farmer, leadership and management training expert and founder of Corporate Coach Group, said:

photo-1434626881859-194d67b2b86f“With the current situation that we’re all in, it is easy to lose motivation and to slip into bad habits. Setting ambitious goals, both for yourself and in collaboration with your employers, is the proven way to keep minds positive, focused and confident. It’s great to see from our research that so many people are being proactive in searching for advice which will help them to be successful in 2021 and beyond.” 

Chris' four top tips on how to make 2021 your best year ever when it comes to achieving your personal and professional goals:

1) Set ambitious goals

The first step to making the best of 2021 is to set a series of high value goals in all of the key areas of our lives. Career goals, health goals, educational goals, family goals and social goals.

That’s because achieving goals is the very meaning of success. It also gives you a purpose and a target to aim for ensuring you remain focused even in the most difficult of circumstances. If you want a method to set goals - we have already pulled together a guide on how to ensure these are as effective as possible.

2) Develop self-confidence

People attempt only what they believe they can achieve. Therefore, it is important to develop self-belief and self-confidence. Self-doubt is destructive and ultimately a barrier to success.

pexels-photo-3727464It is important to develop self-confidence based upon a belief that you are capable of achieving any goal you set your mind to. People with self-confidence are sure to eliminate any destructive self-talk, and they consciously psych themselves up before any important event or task allowing them to complete it to the best of their ability. As a result, people with confidence tend to manifest greater levels of success, so it is important to take deliberate action to build up belief in your own potential. 

3) Prioritise your time

Although the pandemic has resulted in many of us having more free time, it is still a limited resource. We each have only 24 hours per day, and we sleep through eight of them. Because productive time is so restricted, it is important to prioritise tasks, and focus energy onto those jobs that will take us closer to our goals. Simultaneously we must avoid tasks or people who would waste our time and energy.

Identify who and what wastes your time and focus energy onto those activities that will take you to where you want to go.

4) Gain new knowledge

The knowledge we gain should be specific to our goals. If your goal is to build a business, then learn all you can about business. If your goal is to become a police officer, then learn all you can about the role. Developing your knowledge or acquiring a new skill is therefore a fantastic way to ensure you focus on the factors you can control rather than getting distracted by external influences. 

Chris' additional tips on how you can make 2021 a successful year can be found here.



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Published on: 21st January 2021

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