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What Self-Starter Animal Would You Be?

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by Startacus Admin

The other day I gave into temptation and completed an online survey which promised to identify what animal I would be in just 6 easy questions... apparently I would be a wild cat...

...not bad I thought. However I am not quite sure how it reached this conclusion since I myself am neither wild nor particularly feline in nature.startup animal

The urge now is to make a sweeping dramatic statement along the lines of `Mother Nature is the greatest self-starter of them all` but luckily we don't take ourselves quite that seriously.  No, we are perfectly aware that any comparison we attempt to draw between entrepreneurialism and the animal kingdom would be tenuous at best. Nevertheless in the spirit of of the season, and to cheer ourselves up on a particularly gloomy Tuesday morning, we will throw caution (and good sense) to the wind by making some heavily laboured, and let’s face it shamefully obvious, comparisons between types of startups and a host of furry/feathery critters. It might be a load of nonsense -but it’s smashing good fun!

So What Self Starter Animal Would You Be ? (Please read aloud in your best David Attenborough voice...)

The Reindeer - Merry little team player with a catchy name. Not afraid to carry their fair share of the load and willing to work through the night to get the job done.

The Giraffe - Bizarre looking from the outside but always keep their chin up. Able to see over the top of a problem and stick their neck out if necessary. 

The Beaver - Industrious and inventive but a little self damning. Ready to use whatever is on hand to get the job done.  

The Pig - Prone to telling porkies and willing to do a bit of brown nosing to get to the top. Brilliant at saving money and a lot more intelligent than they look.

The Peacock - Self promoting and flashy- can often be found strutting around self starter animalthe lawns of much richer folks.

The Cow - Happy to let others milk their success. Thick skinned, but tend to stew over things.  

The Horse - Will happily take others along for the ride and will face hurdles head on. Determined to go the course.

The Mosquito - Incessant, unrelenting and often irritating…will normally be found at the nearest watering hole in the ear of someone greater.  

The duck billed platypus - They have the beak of a duck, the feet of an otter, the tail of a beaver, lay eggs like a bird with venom like a snake...they aren’t sure what they are and nor is anyone else!

So there you have it - some completely pointless fun! Get in touch and let us know what self starter animal you are and why -  there's a virtual ice cream in it for the best one !

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Published on: 10th December 2013

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