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What's in a Name?

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by Startacus Admin

When you are building a website for your business, you will want to make sure that you choose a domain name that will help you get your business off the ground asdomain name
 quickly as possible. Choosing a domain name is not a decision that should be taken lightly, and there are several factors that will need careful consideration before the final name is chosen.

Domain names should be unique

Your domain name should not be too similar to other popular sites, especially if they are in the same line of business as you. This could lead to people becoming confused between the two sites and, as your rival is likely to be more established, the chances are high that they will remember the better known site than they would yours. Even if they are intending to visit your site, a simple case of misspelling could mean that they end up somewhere else. If that other domain isbusiness name offering the same products as you then they may make their purchase from the site they have landed on. Try and ensure your domain name is relevant to your business only, this will mean that there is no chance of confusion.

Domain names should be short

Keeping your domain name short and sweet will make your business far easier to remember. It is advised that, wherever possible, a domain name should be kept under 15 characters. By keeping the length down to a minimum you are lessening the chance of accidental typos and also creating a brand that is simple to share – vital in today’s social media savvy world.

Domain names should be self-explanatory

When a person that knows nothing about your business hears your domain name for the first time, they should be able to realise what your business is all about in an instant. business nameTherefore the domain name should include some sort of description that would let people know what type of products or services they could expect to find when they visit your site. This also means you are likely to get more targeted traffic, which could lead to a higher conversion rate.

Use a domain selection tool

After you have given so much thought to a domain name, you don't want to find out that the name you have chosen is already in use elsewhere. Using a domain selection tool can help you find available domain names and many domain registration sites can even help you with any hosting needs that you may have. They will also have a dedicated support team should you have any queries when making your purchase.

It is important for you to find a domain name that is memorable, one that will help customers to connect with your business. Therefore it is not a decision that should be rushed and you should allow yourself enough time to think through all the considerations carefully. As soon as you begin to design your website, then thought should be given to the name of that site. You may find that as the design of your website grows, you find some inspiration for the domain name.


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Published on: 13th November 2014

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