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What Is ABM Marketing And How Can You Use It To Grow Your Business

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by Startacus Admin

The competitive corporate landscape is constantly evolving, and if you’re not adapting to these changes, then you’ll find that your business is quickly left behind.

One of the latest developments in the business market is the rise of account-based marketing (ABM). By combining the expertise of your sales and marketing teams, you can create tailored marketing campaigns to help convert leads into paying clients. 

There are many benefits of incorporating ABM into your marketing strategy, and many businesses are already doing it without realising. 

If you’re not creating targeted content that meets the needs and exceeds the expectations of quality leads, then you need to start. Read on, and we’ll talk you through how to get started and use ABM to grow your company.

Generate Quality Leads

The first step in any ABM campaign is to generate quality leads, which you can then target with personalised content. You can target a small group of leads, or find potentially lucrative leads and pitch to them individually. Generating leads requires a strong online presence, including regularly-updated social media accounts and an easy to navigate website. If your website isn’t designed to generate leads or is simply a little outdated, then using a outsourced website agency, such as Yum Digitalto help you to turn your website into a portal through which potential clients will connect with your business and enter into your ABM funnel, is a practical solution. 

Do Your Homework

After you’ve captured your leads, you need to find out more about them. ABM relies on creating personalised content that helps potential clients to see that your firm is deeply committed to providing a bespoke service and showing them how it can help. Scour the social media pages, websites, blogs and any other online spaces where the company and the individual that you’re communicating with have a presence to find out more about them. 

Find Their Pain Points 

Using the information you’ve gathered from your research, you can start to understand the pain points that your prospective clients face. This information can help you to pitch your offering and show them how it can help them to deal with their unique problems. Try to figure out not only what they need help with, but the abm marketinginnovative ways in which they could use your firm’s products or services to overcome this issue. 

Use Your Imagination 

ABM marketing is a creative discipline, and it works best when you use inventive content. Don’t just send out the same old, tired circular or an out of date email funnel; use this opportunity to create content or gifts that will resonate with your prospective client and help them to see the benefits of working with your firm. Bespoke content doesn’t just have to be written blog posts or emails; you could create a bespoke infographic, video content or even a gift such as personalised keyring or another unique product. This personal approach will help you to maximise the impact of your ABM campaign and form the beginning of a long and successful professional relationship with your prospective client. 

Monitor And Report On Your ABM Campaign’s Results

Once your ABM campaign has run its course, you need to report on the results. You can use this information to show the value of your campaign and to find out ways that you can improve upon your results in the future. Throughout the campaign, you also need to monitor its success so that you can make any changes as required and drive the campaign towards the best possible result. 

Account-based marketing is an innovative strategy that every successful company is employing. If you’re new to ABM, then use this article to learn more and inspire your inaugural campaign. 


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Published on: 26th June 2020

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