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What Can SEO Do for Your Startup?

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by Startacus Admin

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An overview of just a few of the reasons as to why SEO ought to be high on the agenda for you and your startup

For the uninitiated, SEO either sounds like a jiu jitsu move in martial arts or something you don’t want to catch. Fortunately, it’s far more positive and can help your start-up to grow over the long term, rather than flame out in the short term. 

pexels-photo-270637 (Here is why SEO should be in your lexicon. 

Drive Organic Traffic to Your Startup

Search engine optimisation involves strategically ranking for relevant search phrases in Google and Bing. While Google still constitutes the lion’s share of web search users, Bing shouldn’t be discounted. 

Depending on how you use it, ranking well for interesting subjects can drive clicks to your site. With increasing traffic, Google pays more attention to the site too. This helps later when launching a new product or service that you’re excited about. 

Typically, results from SEO require time to arrive. Indexing new content and ranking well for it may require a few weeks or several months. Also, the ranking usually will improve over a year if the content is of good quality. So, even sales pages should be informative and packed with insights, rather than look like a spartan e-commerce product page. 

Bring in Like-minded Visitors to the Site

Through content marketing and SEO, it’s possible to bring like-minded visitors to your site. They’ll be attracted by the blog and/or video content that’s ranking well in Google. 

While blogging may seem like a separate thing from what a start-up offers, it supports SEO and its long-term goal for growing the customer list. Informative content confirms that the employees know what they’re talking about, giving potential customers confidence to engage with a newer start-up. 

To become an expert in the blogging world, visit YourTopBlog. They have hints and tips on how to get better results from blogging. They feature articles on SEO too, so news and suggestions for how to perform better with the search engines will show up there too. 

Reduce the Spend on Pay-per-click Advertising

photo-1616587226974-c910de27b605Cutting down on pay-per-click advertising will save the upfront expense to load an advertising account with Google, LinkedIn, Meta (Facebook), and others. These are “pay now, see the results after the click” affairs that aren’t kind to cash-strapped start-ups. 

While paid traffic can begin arriving the same day, it can burn through a marketing budget in hours when improperly managed. Obtaining strong results from a campaign is far from certain too, making the ROI questionable.  

Increase Brand Awareness

Brand awareness grows with time, but when the marketing budget limits your options, then it’s necessary to embrace other methods. 

Appearing near the top of Google search results for many relevant search terms, people who use industry-related services will keep seeing the brand and wonder about it. Eventually, they’ll find something directly related to their interest and click over. Therefore, just like with nationwide advertising campaigns, multiple touchpoints are created through SEO efforts increasing brand awareness. 

While SEO may start for you as a foreign language, don’t let that put you off. Start-ups that use it wisely can grow their brand and traffic to new heights. 



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Published on: 18th February 2022

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