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Want to learn a new language? Weeve is an innovative startup that has created an innovative, creative and effective way to help you do just that.

mGq0ikdp_400x400Learning a new language is both difficult and rewarding. It’s easier to just go to a foreign country and speak louder and louder at people until they understand, right? But for some reason people tend to respect you a little more if you actually try speaking their language instead. Being able to speak the language of the place you are in makes your travels more enriching, and you’ll get more out of being able to actually understand what’s going on around you. But what’s the best way to learn? Play language lessons while you sleep? Download one of the many, wildly different apps that tell you that they’re the best way to learn a language? Take classes?

progress.Barcelona-based Irish startup Weeve is a language-learning app that helps you to learn in a way that is both interesting and natural. In the same way that we learn our native language through context, Weeve teaches users another language by, as the name alludes to, weaving that language into your own native language. This works on the 80:20 principle that around 80-85% of language is made up of 1,000 common words, and these are the priority to learn.

In practical terms, this means that Weeve takes a wide range of non-fiction books to ensure that users will find something that actively interests them, condenses them into much shorter summaries of around 15-30 minutes, and replaces some of the words therein with your chosen language. This means that you will quickly pick up on the context of the foreign word and understand what it means, and a simple tap of that word will give you the correct pronunciation. Weeve says that studies have shown that reading the same word 12 times in context is all it takes to learn it, and because the app concentrates on the most commonly-used words, this is no problem.

The Weeve team of 4 Dubliners know what they’re doing, with degrees in neuroscience, degrees in psychology, degrees in computer science and linguistics, and polyglots speaking 4 languages, so it’s fair to say that the app is science- and evidence-based to maximise the user’s learning potential.



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Published on: 1st February 2023

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