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We chat with Bookimbo, an innovative publication platform for startups and small businesses

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by Startacus Admin

At our recent entrepreneurial dinner in London we had the pleasure to meet Faye Dayan, founder of a rather innovative startup Bookimbo.

Bookimbo is a stylish and original publication platform that is specifically designed for startups and small businesses- and being Startacus we just had to catch up with her to hear all about her journey and plans for the future.

First off Faye, why don't you tell us a little bit about yourself and your background?Bookimbo

Hi and thanks for having me on Starticus! I’m a Londoner, I’m thirty years old and my work background is in book publishing, which is where I became aware of the gap in the market that I am hoping to fill with Bookimbo. I’m obsessed with empowering people to do their own creative and design work as much as is possible!

So can you tell us a bit about Bookimbo, where the idea came from and what stage you are currently at with the business?

Bookimbo is an online editor and platform that gives start-ups and small businesses total control of their publication design, and options to share online as a flipbook or print it.

In my previous job, I was always annoyed that I had to use expensive and complex (for a non-designer) software to create a brochure and that I then had to upload somewhere else it to share online or somewhere else to print. It was all a massive hassle.

Bookimbo applies photobook-style software to booklet and brochure creation, and makes it simple whether you want to share your publication online or print it. We are now live, currently in beta, with an official launch planned for October.

BookimboObviously its quite a crowded market place at the moment what makes you guys different / special compared with all the other business printing services out there?

Here is where we get to brag! Bookimbo’s editor is special because it gives the freedom to create from scratch or from a template, a multipage booklet or brochure with photobook-style editor, which you won’t find offered by other online printers. Bookimbo not only brings together creation, sharing-online and print, it is also a permanent and accessible home for your publications, so you can edit and amend whenever and from wherever. For start-ups who want a flexible design tool, sharing option and competitive print prices, Bookimbo is a total solution.

What has been the greatest challenge that you have faced / continue to face with developing the business?

Keeping an eye on having a technology strategy as well as a business strategy. At the moment we are converting over from Microsoft silverlight to HTML 5, and we will have to stay adaptable in order to continue to make our editor first class.

For Bookimbo what are the benefits and potential drawbacks of being based in London ?

In my opinion it’s a brilliant place to meet people also starting up their ideas and there’s always something going on and something to be inspired by as a business. Google Campus has some amazing speaker and learning events, and then there are fun evenings like Tablecrowd … I know there are drawbacks to London but I can’t think of any except the weather, I’m too much of a fan!

We were delighted to meet you at our recent TableCrowd and Startacus entrepreneurial dinner, what are you thoughts on the experience?Bookimbo

I loved it! It’s a fantastic concept, and will definitely go again. Kate was a brilliant hostess and the talk given by Jonny Grubin of SoPost was awesome. He has a great story.

Have you got anything in particular happening in Bookimbo in the near future that you would like to tell us about ?

For sure! We are launching a competition this week and giving start-ups the opportunity to win 250 free printed brochures – our competition has very simple rules.

1) Create your brochure of any length on Bookimbo by signing up with a free account, and selecting ‘create new’

2) Email with the name of your bookimbo publication - we’ll find it.

IF YOU WIN: We will print 250 gorgeous copies of your brochure and your will be featured in our ‘Gallery of Excellence’

IF YOU DON’T WIN: Your time in the spotlight is yet to come. BUT you can share your brochure online for free as we are offering a free 3 month trial! If you choose to print your brochure you get 30% off as a competition member through a discount code.

Thanks for the chat Faye! We think Bookimbo is fab so why not visit their website and take a look at what they are up to.

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Published on: 11th June 2014

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