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UtilityAR makes augmented reality solutions for the industrial sector a reality

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augmented reality for industrial sector
The lowdown on UtilityAR, the Dublin startup that's using AR to help leading industry sectors

Most of us will have had some mundane experience of trying to walk somebody through a process over the phone. We have to picture in our minds what they are looking at and try to guide them to press the right buttons, take the correct path, train a person through a task, or whatever it happens to be. UtilityAR

It can be frustrating that we can’t physically reach out and point to the thing that is so obvious to us. Now take that and apply it to an industrial sector, where that person flipping the wrong switch could cost a company thousands of pounds for every minute it’s out of action. We need an interactive, visual solution.

Dublin-based UtilityAR is bringing their Augmented Reality solution to the industrial workplace for use in training, advising, surveying, and more. Their solutions are made for sectors such as manufacturing, pharmaceutical, utilities, and data centres, where the team’s experience lies. 

UtilityARIt is a simple and easy-to-use system that involves the on-site technician, engineer, surveyor etc. to wear one of a range of lightweight headsets - usually no bigger or intrusive than a pair of glasses - and their task is on a simple heads - up display using AR.

Trainees can work on-site with live access to training materials and instructors, technicians can consult instructions and procedures for tasks they are unfamiliar with, surveyors can record hands-free video for a report, and so on. One of the most useful features is that a remote advisor can watch the feed from the headset and draw directly on the feed to highlight and emphasise. Is someone faced with a whole bank of switches? Just draw a circle around the one you need them to flip.

Ease of setup and use of the platform is a focus in the design of the product, and UtilityAR says that it is the easiest to integrate solution on the market.

Perhaps this is one of the key reasons that they made it through to the final of the 2019 Bolton Trust/PwC Innovation Awards.

On 1 May, the three finalists gave an eight-minute presentation to 150 investors, entrepreneurs, and advisors, before being questioned by the judges. Whilst not winning the €10,000 prize, (Big congrats to demographic-analysing, targeted-ad-displaying Glimpse for that), the reality is, we see a bright future for this AR focused startup.

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Published on: 28th April 2019

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