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Using virtual reality to save lives - Dual Good Health

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Dual Good Health - The health tech startup that's using virtual reality to teach CPR in an entirely innovative way...

dual good healthBasic skills for helping to keep people alive in an emergency - most notably, CPR - are not ones that are taught in school. They aren’t taught as a routine part of college or university. They aren’t even taught when you join the workforce.

Everybody thinks they’d know how to perform CPR - just sing the Bee Gees while you do it, right? - but in the event that you find yourself face to face with a real emergency situation, how likely are you to know what to do, really? How does the first aid change depending on the situation? Do you turn the person on their side or their back? Don’t touch them at all? How far back is too far to tilt the head to clear the airway?

In reality, very few of us would have a clear idea of how to help anyone in need. We tend to discard the thought as something that will never happen to us, so why spend the time and money learning?

In an attempt to lower the cost and increase engagement, London-based Dual Good Health is introducing virtual reality into the mix.

dual good health screenUsing VR means that a trainer only has to set up once, which saves them time. No laying out a faux hazardous environment for the trainee to navigate safely, because it is already created within the VR world. The only physical components are the VR headset and a ‘smart’ dummy that can track the depth and speed of chest compressions to aid CPR training.

This allows trainers to train more people, as well as cut costs on materials (and transport, we’d guess). These savings can then be passed on to the trainees.

The VR world consists of various scenarios and environments, some custom-built for specific sectors. For example, the scenario of someone having been electrocuted by a stray electrical cable in the street might not be overly Duel Good Healthhelpful in training pilots and cabin crew.

In this way, Dual Good Health can train just about anyone for anything they may encounter, from industry-specific dangers to normal accidents the general public may encounter.

Currently in beta, health-tech startup Dual Good Health pitched at upSTART 18 this year, and we saw a lot of potential. We would love to see this technology introduced into schools across the country/world to teach these important skills to children as a normal part of schooling.

Watch our recent chat with Dual Good Health at this year’s Digital DNA to find out more…

Duel Good Health

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Published on: 26th August 2018

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