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Turning your car hobby into a business

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If you're considering turning your car hobby into a business, here's the lowdown on the key equipment you'll need to do just that

pexels-photo-4489749It’s everyone’s dream to make their hobby into their job, however it’s often not a realistic prospect. That said, if your passion happens to surround fixing cars, you’ve got a better chance than most of making your dream a reality. 

Building an automotive business makes sense on a number of levels. First and foremost, it’s a sensible business model that appeals to a huge demographic, but it’s also economically viable in terms of the costs involved to get started. 

Your main outlay when starting a business will be equipment, but what are the key pieces you need – outside of the bits you likely already have – that will turn a car hobby into an automotive business? You need to analyse what you’re planning to offer and make a list of the pieces of equipment that most car garages have to ensure you have a competitive business.

A good space 

Every business is built on a good foundation, and the foundation in the case of an automotive business is the space provided to do the work. What makes a quality garage beyond a space big enough to operate on numerous vehicles? Typically, you want to find a property that has high ceilings and a solid floor. It might sound obvious, but finding the right area for your work is key to creating a viable business. 

Car jacks 

pexels-photo-4480461Most car fixer-upper types will have a car jack already, but for an automotive business you’re probably going to need a high quality, high-capacity jack – which you might not already have – and more than one of them. Jacks are one of the fundamentals of auto repair, so don’t be shy when it comes to spending on a quality piece of equipment here. 

If you’re taking things a step further, you might also want to invest in a car lift for jobs requiring full elevation of the vehicle. 

An engine hoist 

If you’re getting serious about your mechanics and looking into jobs that involve work on the engine, you’ll need the right piece of kit to get it out of the car. An engine hoist is essential for removal, repair or replacement engine work – just make sure you get a hoist with a large enough capacity to service the engines you’re likely to be dealing with. 

A fluid and oils caddy 

Set to become your best friend when it comes to oil and transmission fluid changes, an oil caddy with a good capacity makes any job involving fluids easier. As well as being mobile thanks to running around on four wheels, standing oil caddies can also elevate to give you easy access to them while in the middle of your work. 

Battery charger/jumper 

Anyone who’s come out to the car on a cold morning to a tired and wheezing engine will be all too familiar with the process of jumping the battery with a couple of rusty crocodile clips attached. A garage-appropriate battery charger or jumper is a much more respectable looking piece of kit and will be a key piece of machinery for your business. 

Are you interested in making your car hobby something more? Creating an automotive business might not be as simple as clicking your fingers and telling people you fix cars, but with a little financial outlay towards the right equipment and the right setting, that, combined with your knowledge and expertise, could be enough to start making money from your passion. 


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Published on: 1st February 2021

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