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TRIK - the innovative drone mapping and 3D reporting tool

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trikIt seems that drones are the future. From simple deliveries to photography to survey work to search and rescue, the applications of drones extend far beyond simple entertainment. We have written about this and many other drone uses and startups before, and the technology only gets more useful and innovative. Now we are seeing a rise in solutions around the base of drones rather than direct applications for them. Conveniently, we have a perfect example of what we mean in TRIK!

trikTRIK is a London-based startup focusing on the question of what happens when a drone has been used to survey a building and has collected dozens, hundreds, even thousands of images.

These pictures are all well and good, but in their raw form, how useful are they really?

Using TRIK, all you need to do is upload these photos and the software will create a 3D model of the building and map the images to it so that you can inspect every inch of the building in three dimensions without the risk, hassle, and time it would take to wander about the place with a ladder. With the 3D model built, you can input dimensions and pinpoint problem points to comment on. For example, if you encounter a crack in your digital inspection, you would pin a comment about it to that location, with a high resolution, close up image. This information can then be compiled into a 2D printable file or shared with necessary parties in 3D, which they will be able to open and view on any device.

Following 2017’s Innovate UK Showcase, TRIK creator Pae Natwilai - already a recipient of Innovate UK’s Women in Innovation award - was awarded the Design in Innovation award, recognising a project which ‘best demonstrates human-centred design processes that deliver for people’.

The use of a drone for the inspection will already have saved you time, money, and negated risks usually associated with this work, and now TRIK stands to save you even more time and make things more straightforward and practical for everyone involved.


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Published on: 3rd December 2017

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