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Top Tips to overcome Writers Block

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by Startacus Admin

Here at Startacus we reckon that writers block is perhaps one of our least favourite things in the whole world.  This is not only because of the frustration caused by knowing what you want to say but not quite knowing how to say it, but also because it can be a huge waste of time as you sit for hours infront of a blank word document.

Laura Allen previously wrote about How to publish your own magazine, but what if you are a writer or journalist facing the infamous 'writers block'...Here's some handy tips on what to do when writers block kicks in!

So my Top Tips on overcoming writer’s block begins....Ironically this is the fourth article of the day I have had to write, so writer’s block is definitely starting to kick in! Therefore with this timely introduction, I am going to bullet point my main points below and shall return to this article later on this afternoon.( But when you read this, you wouldn’t ever guess that bit!) Phew - glad I got that out of the way, which leads nicely onto point one:
writers block

Make some notes, bullet point them and then write the content later!
So, sometimes you know what you need to say but you just don’t know how to say it. It’s easier therefore to make notes on a subject, bullet point the key points you are looking to make and then return to the creative part of the content, later on that day / week or month!

Get rid of the distractions
For some people the only way to write is when they have little or no distraction in front of them. If you’re like this and you’re facing writer's block and find yourself getting distracted by anything physically possible, then it’s time to isolate yourself and remove the distractions from your environment and just start writing. This may work - or it may make the whole process even more painful!

Turn on the music!
The opposite of the above! Some people can only get creative - when they are in the mood and surrounded by the right vibe. For that reason, whack on the music, free your mind - and the rest will follow (sorry).

Change your environment
Picture this. If you face the same four walls every working day and you expect to remain just as creative - think again. Your writer’s block may stem from the fact that your environment has become too familiar. Take yourself off to a park, coffee shop, beach, or library and see if this helps your creativity and writing take shape.

Watch some Cartoons
Apparently watching cartoons can help your creativity and help with writer’s block since watching cartoons takes you back to your childhood where your imagination once ran wild. It’s also good because it allows you to have some unconscious timeout, and when you aren’t over-thinking, your writing capabilities may return.

Read, learn and gain inspiration
It is often said that you are at your most creative when you were involved in full time education. Why? Well because, although you probably did not realise it at the time, the job of reading, learning and thinking means that you are really using your brain, and pushing and challenging yourself. Reading and learning can therefore aid your creativity and may help you avoid a long stint of writer’s block.

Exercise and eat good food
Without getting all preacher-like on you, exercising and eating good food is not only good for your body - it is good for your mind as well. Therefore if you are feeling rather uncreative and cannot get the writing juices flowing, perhaps consider how and if you can improve your diet and fitness too!

Just say what you see and think
Sometimes you need to just go with it and go for it! Doing all the above can be very beneficial for some people and may help you if writer’s block is taking hold. However for others, the best way to avoid or overcome writer’s block is to just write, write, write. Write without thinking, and without stopping and you may be surprised on what you create.

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Published on: 12th November 2012

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