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Top Tips To Avoid Spam Folder When Sending Emails

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Nobody wakes up in the morning thinking, ‘ Oh! let me check my spam box today. ‘ The world of the internet is a saturated place and with new brands being introduced to the market each day, it gets increasingly tougher to make it to the inbox of your audience and not land up in the spam box. If you’re wondering why your email marketing strategy isn’t getting the response it ought to, then maybe it’s because you’re doing something wrong.

Here are some tips you can follow to avoid reaching the spam folder when sending emails:

1. Work On Your Email List:
The audience you choose decides the destiny of your mails. Hence, the first most crucial step of email marketing is to make sure you know who you want your emails to reach. Choosing the correct audience for your email marketing can make or break your game. Avoid purchasing email lists. While these provide you with an audience, targeting the wrong audience can heavily harm your brand’s name or worse, even get it marked at SPAM! Cleaning and updating your email list regularly is a vital step if you want to make the most out of your email marketing tactics. Leave the ones who ‘Unsubscribe’ alone.

2. Construct Your Emails Efficiently:
- Take good care of your Subject lines. It is the first thing your audience sees when your mail pops up. According to Convince and Convert, 69% of people mark the email as spam based on their subject lines. Studies also show that people are more likely to open emails with subject lines typed in Lowercase. A most common misconception is that typing your subject line in CAPS can get your readers attention but in reality, it has the reverse effect and can throw you in the spam box.

-’From’ is as important as the Subject. Avoid changing your From field name frequently or having a rather confusing one. The receivers should trust ones they have received the email from. If your field name is, for example, ‘’, your chances of being marked as spam increases x10.
- In addition to that, try finding alternatives for risky words such as FREE, BUY, PROMO or use them only when they are absolutely necessary. These words can trigger spam.

3. Include Double Opt-ins to Your Email:
Double Opt-in is a two-step process where a user signs up to get added to the emailers list and then resent a link to confirm their subscription. A Double opt-ins increase the average value of your subscriber and also helps in boosting the verification process. It also assures the email sender that the targeted audience is truly interested in receiving updates from your company.

4. Reliable ESPs Are Your Best Friend:
ESP, short for Email Service Provider, as the name suggests, is software that enables companies to manage their marketing through the medium of email. To avoid your emails from getting dumped in the Spam box or from getting blocked by widely used providers such as Gmail, Yahoo or Hotmail, it is essential to use ESPs that score highly on IP Addresses. Trust-worthy ESP’s also make it easier for senders to build their Email list.

woman typing5. Mark your legitimacy with SPF, DKIM and DMARC:
These words might seem too much at first but hold on. Let's go through them one by one.

-SPF, the abbreviation for Sender Policy Framework, is an email authentication method designed particularly to prevent frauds and spammers from using your domain to send emails. In other words, it prevents your name from being forged in the world of the internet.

-DKIM stands for DomainKeys Identified Mail. While SPF keeps spammers from using your domain name, DKIM helps in detecting forged sender addresses in emails. It allows the receiver to check whether the mail is sent from the originally registered domain.

-DMARC is Domain-based Message Authentication, Reporting and Conformance. It is an emailing protocol and gives owners the power to keep their domains from being spoofed, ie. unauthorizedly used.

Using these three tools to legitimize your domain can get you in the good books of famous platforms used for emailing. It is a mark of authenticity and trust.

Email Marketing isn’t as simple as it probably seems. While these are some of the vital key points to remember before clicking the “send” button to make sure your emails aren’t buried under the pile of other spams, there are other aspects that determine the fate of your emails too. There are no set rules that can guarantee you perfect deliverability or drastic increase in inbox placement rate as the world of online marketing is constantly changing. We can only keep learning and adapting new means to reach the goal.

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Published on: 20th July 2020

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