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Tips to survive the Eternal Struggle of getting back to your Startup in the New Year

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by Startacus Admin

You’ve had the best part of a week, free from major worries, responsibility and focus. (Unless you were rather unfortunate, in which case, sorry…) You’ve probably eaten the sweets and snacks given in boxes and trays to celebrate Christmas or the New Year. Maybe you’d had a good celebratory night of New Years? Not to worry, everyone in a business is in your shoes right now! Luck is on your side however; you’re part of a startup! Getting back to your work routine is essential, and you’ll have a lot more freedom to get back into the routines that will ensure a successful new year. All that would make anyones belt a bit tighter

We'd only recently discovered what a Gym wasBelt feeling a little tighter? Maybe noticing that blouse sitting just a bit too tight on the shoulders? Well, thats a common side effect of the holiday season, don’t worry, you’ll go back to normal soon enough. If it is the case though, and you’re feeling a little self conscious, you could use this as an excuse to get into the gym. You’re all amazing, exactly how you are, but going to the gym is rarely a bad idea for anyone. And if you’re trying to get back into the working swing of things, having set times and days to work out can actually help you settle back into a routine a lot faster, as well as improve productivity. It releases endorphins, so over time, if you workout before going to work, you’ll actually begin to associate good feelings with those days, and as such, enjoy the grind a lot more than you usually would.
If you can’t make it to the gym, another routine building exercise is easy to manage, maintaining a plant like a water lily also requires commitment to a timetable, and can help improve the oxygen in an office. It’s not quite a workout, but will keep you in a good frame of mind to work.

Sleeping pattern is probably a jumble too - late nights, partying and well wishing after midnight? It all adds up! It’s also really easily fixed, so listen up; makeThis could happen if you don't get enough sleep sure you get at least 8 hours of sleep at night. Making sure you have an allocated block of time to sleep and don’t deviate from it! This will help set your body’s circadian rhythm to work for you. You’ll sleep better after a few nights, you’ll wake earlier and be better rested overall. Having this, will again, improve your routine, as well as improve overall temperaments in the office. 

The Most Important Meal of the DayHaving suffered through the delights of the first few problems, you need to ensure that you eat your breakfast at the same time every day! It’s the most important meal of the day as it improves brain function and will provide effectively all of your energy until lunchtime. If you have a good breakfast, you’ll be a lot less inclined to snack or eat before lunch.

New Year’s Resolutions are a killer, fromDon't give up on your resolutions, work around them dieting to quitting the old cigarettes - they’re a prime culprit to throw a spanner in the works for getting back to your startup.
No, don’t give up on them for the sake of your startup! Do both! Giving up will only de-motivate you and make for an unpleasant work environment. Make some time in your day to deal with your resolution. Take your smoke break, but take a shorter one, try not to dwell on what you’re giving up and remember what you have to gain. Constructively using your time is always the best path, making time to be constructive is always a close second.

Final bit of advice to help you get back into your old rhythm, would be setting your alarm manually each night, That way you can moderate your sleep times, waking hours and schedule. It also means, you won’t be too late for work and even means you could possibly get into the office sooner than your co-workers, ensuring you get those cheeky little bits of extra work done that just don’t get seen to during the work day. This means you can probably get home earlier and even get some much needed recuperation from the season that everyone here at Startacus hopes you get!

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Published on: 6th January 2015

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