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Tips on using Facebook Hashtags for Business

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by Startacus Admin

Tips on using Facebook Hashtags for Business...

Ok, let’s start with a little basic explanation. The use of Hashtags is synonymous with Twitter and although the more techy amongst us will know that the hashtag was originally known as the ‘Internet Relay Chat’ symbol used to label groups and topics together, the use of Hashtags on Twitter, has taken this communication method to the masses. In fact, we’ve previously written a post on the ‘invention’ of the Twitter Hashtag if you are interested!

So, in generic terms the hashtag is a way of signposting a topic, person or theme, so that other interested parties can find the content that you share and you can also find (or attempt to) find the stuff you facebook hashtagscare about too.

Facebook has now entered this space because in reality it is a commercialisation opportunity for them. After all 1 billion people looking for keywords that have been hashtags must be a pretty attractive prospect for advertisers and businesses who would be happy to pay to be at the top of this hashtag space.

However, they’ve also entered this space because there is no real reason to try to reinvent an already established method of signposting topics. Hashtags hasn’t been a popular topic for some Facebook users - stemmed primarily by businesses’ lazy use of tweets including hashtags being shared simultaneously on Facebook feeds (check out the anti-hashtag facebook groups for proof of this!).

By entering the interactive hashtag arena, Facebook have in fact moved the subject on somewhat. Now for all Facebook users with business or community pages, it is more a case of how you can use Facebook hashtags to benefit your business.

And the reality is, there's nothing out of the ordinary to report:

Make them searchable

So, if you are using hashtags and making sure that the content that you share on facebook - be that announcements, product launches, special offers, pictures, articles or blog posts, it’s vital to have a few hashtags included in the “say something” section. Think carefully though about the words that you use to hashtag. As much as you might think #DoubleRoastedDrippedToPerfectionCoffee is a great hashtag, how many people realistically are going to be searching for just this topic? Realistically? Out of a billion people? Probably just you! However if you sell coffee in London, using the hashtag against these two key words (Coffee and London that is) will potentially open your post update to a new audience. So Tip one - Don’t be too clever and make your Facebook hashtags searchable.

Don’t over-use

This is the same as Twitter, but try not to over-use hashtags #in #every #single #word. This really misses the point in using hashtags and actually is rather off-putting to many people - including your potential new audience that are searching for topics, products or services using the hashtag function.

facebook hashtagDon’t use trending hashtags for the sake of it

So #JustinBieber is trending on Facebook as a popular #hashtag and thats pretty understandable since he’s a pretty popular figure for some. However what is not understandable is you, Mr or Mrs Coffee Seller from London trying to jump on the bandwagon by using the #JustinBieber hashtag in your status update unless of course there’s a pretty explanatory and justifiable reason to. Trying to be popular just doesn’t work, especially if you are trying after all.

Don’t just use your twitter feed

Pet hate. Pet hate. #pethate. This really is a pet hate of ours anyway, irrespective of hashtags, as integrating your twitter feed into your Facebook page is really rather lazy and very annoying. Twitter feed after twitter feed appearing on your Facebook page can make your Facebook space just look pretty darn boring and unwanted. So you can imagine at the moment that loads of businesses, currently using Twitter hashtags anyway, will be more inclined to integrate Twitter statuses into Facebook. Perhaps this is just a pet hate of ours! However although this may grow you a few new Facebook likes, will it really grow an interactive and interested audience for your business? Probably not!

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Published on: 23rd June 2013

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