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Tiny Moveable Apartments!

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Useable space is at an absolute premium within many urban areas. So much infact that there is a growing movement of inventors and entrepreneurs attempting to alleviate the issues by creating all manner space saving innovations.

We're sure you have all heard of the apartments being built in Tokyo which are stacked vertically on a site no bigger than a parking space. Now a group in the US has taken this idea of super-compact living to the next stage.

They have created a new tiny apartment called Kasita that moves with you wherever you go!

No really, it’s an apartment that can be packed up, carried off, and reconstructed at your new location.Tiny movable apartment

The diminutive dwellings consist of a glass box, which slides into a metal frame so small that it can be accommodated on sites that would normally be unable to house a residence of any kind. The apartments are stacked, side-by-side, one on top of the other in permanent metal structures (as can be seen in the diagram).

The really bizarre, yet fascinating bit is that any time you want to up-sticks and move, you simply push a button on the custom app and a truck will arrive, remove your glass apartment from its current position, and take it to an empty slot within another metal frame.

The apartments, which are about ? bigger than a standard shipping container, form compact fully-functioning homes, with the majority of modern home comforts built in through careful use of space and creative technology.

The founder of Kasita Jeff Wilson, completed an experiment which became the inspiration for the innovation, and lead to him being styled ‘professor Dumpster’. For an entire year, Doc Dumpster tried to live within a converted dumpster, in solidarity with those forced to live in unacceptably small residents because of excruciatingly high house prices and land value.

He subsequently began to think about modern housing requirements and how innovators and entrepreneurs could help to alleviate the issue. Thus Kasita was born.

The first ‘rack of apartments is planned to be completed early in 2016, and the team has already secured land in a number of other major cities across the US.Tiny movable apartment

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Published on: 14th October 2015

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