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TinderUS- Startup that will help optomize your Tinder account

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by Startacus Admin

Here at Startacus the little eccentricities and general quirkiness that comes hand-in-hand with our super connected digital world gives us no end of amusement and at times verges over into confusion.

This happened of course with the emergence of online dating. ‘What a strange idea’ we thought to ourselves as details of various social network-type platforms appeared, all but promising the happy and fulfilling relationship of our dreams. Odder still to us were apps like Tinder which reduced the mate-selection process to a mere swipe left or right (nay or yay) across your smartphone screen. We thought that the pinnacle of bizarre had been reached with the emergence of Invisible Girlfriend - a new service set up to create the illusion to your family and friends that you are in a meaningful and fulfilling relationship, even though you are not.


But no, it seems this particular frontier has yet further to be fully prospected- one such pioneer comes in the form of a new business called TinderUS, a startup consultancy service which specialises in the optimization of Tinder accounts - their tagline is a simple pledge “We can get your more matches on Tinder”.

For those of you who may be a bit sketchy on the details, Tinder turns online location based dating into something of a game by allowing users to view a limited profile of the folks around them and decide whether they are interested in communicating by swiping left (to indicate no) or right (to indicate yes). When matches are made, both parties are informed and they can take it from there. Unromantic? Perhaps, but there’s no denying the effectiveness of this sledgehammer approach to dating.


For a small fee anyone can arrange an expert consultation with TinderUS who will give you a helping hand to optimize your tinder profile. Here’ssome of the things that they can do;

  • Pick your best 5 photos from Facebook
  • Choose your main image
  • Script your profile tagline
  • Provide you with ideas and advice on opening line
  • Give you expert advice on flirting and what to say in a conversation

Rather than speculate about the possible benifits and limitations of a consultancy service service such as this we decided to have a quick chat with founder Michael Raven who is also managing director of Catch London, a PR & Strategy Agency focusing on Technology Startups.

TinderUSHi there Michael, first off we are really impressed with the adventurous nature of Tinderus, can you tell us where the idea came from and a bit about how you have reached the stage you are at?

I came up with the idea in London at 3pm that exact day and within two hours I up and running. I chucked it on ProductHunt and within minutes received a wave of traffic, two $50 bookings and a whole host of comments, including a nice little comment from Tinder Co-Founder Jonathan Badeen.

Since that day I’ve been featured in Mashable, Business Insider, Gizmodo, Venture Beat, TNW, NBC News, The Huffington Post, The New Show, Fox,, DailyDot, Upworthy and Magnific.

There are some who, whilst applauding your enterprising spirit, might think that this kind of service is dishonest or could lead to a person's online personality being ‘manufactured’- What would you say in answer to this?

The service is in no way created to 'manufacture' a persons' profile, it's here to offer a personalised service. Think of TinderUs as a way to curate your profile and create an online profile that best represents your real personality.

Can you give us an idea of the demographics of your user, what kinds of people are using the service?

We have bookings from all around the world, with all age groups and genders. Some interesting trends that we're seeing: Techy men aged 30 - 45. Businesswomen in NYC in their 40s. Males in Dubai in their mid 30s.

Some would argue that online dating is killing good old fashioned romance - is this another nail in the coffin?

Tinder, as with most technology, is an extension of reality. It's up to you how you utilise it. I think, if anything, apps like tinder help to connect like-minded people and spark relationships - and isn't that the essence of romance at the end of the day, shared interests and a mutual attraction?

Cheers for the thaughts Michael! 

It comes as little surprise to us that many feel slightly intimidated by Tinder and need some help to navigate it well and present themselves in the best possible way. In times gone by this might have been achieved by the age old formula of trial and error… but not anymore.

And as much as we may lament the apparent stripping away of romance we can't help but say ‘Bravo’ to TinderUS for having exhibited great self starter spirit and pioneering an entirely new form of consultancy firm…that’s the kind of attitude we love!

If you, like the folks at TinderUS have a great Startup, then why not add it to our collaboration space and tell the world all about it!

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Published on: 30th July 2014

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