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Tick platform to help you learn new things
We take a look at Tick, the Micro-video platform that allows you to create stories in minutes and learn in seconds...

tick logoThe internet is the sum of all human knowledge. And cats. If we need to know how to do literally anything, we can simply search ‘How to…’ and we’ll get the answer and several hundred different step-by-step guides and videos.

The downside to this is that we often have to watch the first few minutes of a dozen videos before we find one that is of the right quality, exactly what we need, made by someone who knows what they’re talking about, and to determine that it isn’t a prank in which a screaming visage of horror pops up and gives grandma a heart attack. Enter Tick.

Tick is a London-based startup that aims to provide us with a wealth of how-to videos that cut straight to the point, are easy to follow, and just work.

The app is also an antidote to the flood of depressingly venomous, narcissistic, egotistical, [insert 100 more sad adjectives] videos that are out there currently. Tick is a simple, friendly, altruistic platform where you can learn a new skill in minutes or Tick platform to help you learn new thingseven seconds. When we loaded up their website, we had no idea how to make a cute elephant face on the top of a latte, but 20 seconds later we’re wondering how much a latte machine costs and is there such a thing as a latte machine.

The videos are simple and pieced together in almost a GIF format - each step loops until you are ready to move to the next step, which you do with a simple click or tap, and each step is accompanied by annotations explaining it.

The process of creating a video for the app is just as easy. You record and edit your ‘how-to stories’ right in the app and you’re done, meaning the longest part of the process is now setting up the video rather than editing it.

At the beginning of April, Seedcamp announced that they have led the investment in Tick’s pre-seed round. And for good reason.

Video accounts for approaching 80% of total internet traffic, and we are increasingly realising just how much we can learn via normal people on the internet. A platform that is designed specifically for this purpose is of great value, and we’ll be happy to watch it grow.

You may also be interested in the kind-of related short film app, Minute or Makematic who recently raised £1m to help brands connect with education through bitesize educational animations and video.

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Published on: 7th April 2019

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