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There’s nothing Fair about Self-Employment

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by Startacus Admin

If all the self-employed sector needed was a pat on the back for their entrepreneurial endeavours, the UK Spring Budget certainly didn’t deliver.

Having a fair tax system for all is totally fine - and the self-employed sector, entrepreneurial in their mindset and actions, certainly don’t expect to be treated with ‘kid gloves’ or with particular special treatment.

However let's be frank. The self-employed take a big risk when starting a business. They take a risk that an employed individual generally does not. And it’s not just a risk UK spring budget - self-employedthat the self-employed take - it’s a risk that’s often shared by their partners, families and friends - in fact all those who support their efforts and endeavours.

Let's take a step back to Tuesday morning…

We are not too sure how many employed folk across the UK, were sitting in their offices and workplaces on Tuesday - hoping and praying that a NI contribution increase would be brought in for the self-employed, to make sure that the self-employed played and paid fair.

So yes, creating a fair tax system for all is fine, but do remember that as a government, you can’t with one hand try to encourage a more entrepreneurial and innovative culture and mindset, but on the other openly and in public slap the hand of those self-employed folk who take that risk.

It’s fine though. The self-employed community will pay their way, and will take the NI increase, like they do any other policy or paperwork that is thrusted their way. 

However if you want to build a more entrepreneurial culture and encourage the school leaver, graduate, job-seeker, or the corporate worker to ‘start their own thing’, being fair to all, is not always being fair to anyone at all, because now perhaps the general mindset is that you won’t get a fair chance to start and sustain that business, so what’s the point in trying!

Who’s next for fair tax - big business?

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Published on: 9th March 2017

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