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There Could be Subtle Links Between Looks and Success in Business

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success in business

The phrase “dress for success” is an old saying, but recent research and studies are revealing that there is more truth to it than we care to admit. While hard work, talent and experience plays a bigger role, there are clear, albeit somewhat subtle, links between how a person presents himself/herself and their success rate.

The Human Aspect

While discussing business and work, the human aspect must be taken into account and that’s where the question of one’s appearance and presentation comes in. It would be immoral and illegal to discriminate on the basis of how a person looks, but it is an accepted fact that the way someone presents himself/herself in front of a concerned party can be judged in a business setting. Additionally, as it is a matter of business, each party is completely within their legal rights to choose anyone they wish to do business with, based on personal liking. The reasons for that favour could be previous acquaintance, business interest, recommendations, or as it is in a lot of situations, the impressive looks and persuasive nature of the presenter.
success in business

The Things that could Matter

As observed and recorded from discussions and surveys, the parts of a person’s look that really matter in a business setting are not a fixed set of rules and dress codes, but a general idea of sorts. For example, clean, well-ironed, tailored clothing and quality shoes are seen as signs of the fact that the man/woman is disciplined. The same goes for well-maintained hair, facial hair, teeth, fingernails, etc. If someone is losing hair fast, it can be an option to get hair loss advice and consider treatment options to keep on top of their image. With other professionals choosing to shave off the remainder of their hair -  a smooth, clean look is also looked upon positively in the world of business.
success in business

Standing Out is Impressive

It is accepted and even encouraged to stand out in a crowd by choosing a look that’s different. In fact, being different often helps people get the limelight they need to shine. Even then, the changes are expected to be subtle, but clear at the same time. There’s a thin line between standing out and looking odd, and those that tread that line carefully are the ones who end up turning one’s dress sense and sense of fashion into an advantage even in the hardcore world of business.

Aside from what was already discussed, there’s another aspect at play here. It is scientific fact that certain purely physical traits, such as one’s height, facial symmetry, jawline, nasal structure, etc. may also play a significant role in appearing more impressive than others. In consideration of the human aspect discussed earlier, it should come as no surprise that a lot of the most successful men and women in business, share some of these favoured traits. It isn’t like their looks give them a free pass, but it certainly helps in a highly competitive place where everyone is looking for even that extra inch to work with.


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Published on: 22nd August 2018

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