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The Science of a successful Startup (finally explained!)

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by Startacus Admin

A couple of weeks ago, with a little time on our hands, we jokingly drew a test tube image outlining what we reckoned the actual science of a successful startup would look like. Albeit, it was all a little jokey - everyone knows that the science of a startup is the formula er-st+fdr/c ², - but after a while, we thought that there is actually a little light humoured truth in all this mumbo-jumbo.

With this in mind, and our fab infographic (ish) to anecdote the points, here’s an explanation behind the science:

8% IdeaScience of a Startup

You've kinda gotta have an idea, right? Irrespective of how good or bad said startup idea is, you've still got to have that initial eureka moment. But it sits at the bottom of the startup test tube at a lowly 8%, as in reality most of us have ideas – it's what you do and add to said idea that really counts! Go team mindset!

22% planning

Remembering in the true spirit that this article is all just rather tongue in cheek, this % is simply plucked from mid air...but wait, there is a real true in the importance of planning any startup. "If you don't plan, you plan to fail" (or something like that) as the old saying goes.

12.387% Delivery

We mentioned this previously in our other (*ahem, serious) post - why startups are like rock n roll bands, and again while the analogies are weak, the reality is that your business does need a good front man, or lady – or team, to deliver your startup message, USP, to the people that matter - your customer.

21% Early Stage Customer Buy-in

Yep, I'm sure there's a more official terminology for this, in fact I know there is, but whatever you call it, it means the same and is why it's a grand ‘ol 21% of said startup test tube. You need some (and ideally loads) of early stage customers to buy in to whatever you are selling and to help spread the word.

22% Elbow Grease

Hard work. Tenacity. Determination. Mix it all around, ‘n give it a shake. It's a whacking 22%, because we said so (remembering that this is all just a clever ploy to make you love Startacus even more.)

0.613% Originality

Sorry if this hurts, but it's a lowly 0.613%, because as all the cynics, experts, and self professed know-it-alls tell us, only 1% of ideas are 100% original. (How many stats can we make up here!)

15% Je Ne Sais Quoi

Just sounds good and mysterious and stuff...

10% Hot Air

Like this article, we all sometimes have to talk a load of....well let's just leave it at 'hot air' shall we.

Now for you folk that pay attention to details and such, you’ll have figured that this doesn't quite add up to 100% - in fact it's close to 110%. Why? everyone knows - you’ve gotta give that magical 110% if your startup is gonna succeed...

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Published on: 23rd February 2014

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