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The rise of one UK startup: Would you trust the advice of an AI business coach?

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coachvox ai.

Coachvox AI uses the power of AI to enable influential entrepreneurs and coaches to turn their knowledge, expertise and content into an AI chatbot that coaches and mentors clients as well as they would.

We know we are in the midst of an artificial intelligence revolution, which is contributing to a period of significant upheaval. Until recently the potential for the technology to transform our daily lives felt like it lay somewhere in the future.

coachvoxCoachvox AI, founded by British entrepreneur Jodie Cook, is harnessing the power of AI to enable influential entrepreneurs and coaches to scale themselves to infinity by turning their knowledge, expertise and content into an AI chatbot that coaches and mentors clients as well as they would, if not better.

Could your million-pound idea be brought to you by a chatbot on the internet? Would you talk through your office woes or ask for guidance on your next career move from an artificially intelligent coach?

Professionals are well-versed in listening to podcasts, reading nonfiction books or asking the advice of colleagues and mentors. But what about talking to an artificially intelligent (AI) version of the leaders they follow?

There are over 580 million entrepreneurs in the world, according to Earthweb, approximately 25% of whom have used business coaching services to improve their business operations and achieve growth.

There’s no ignoring the fact that coaching and mentoring is effective for personal development at work. 97% of organisations believe that implementing coaching had an impact on their employee’s performance, and 98% of coached employees claim improved feelings of workplace wellbeing, yet only 15% of organisations have a consistent coaching culture across all levels.

AI is gaining ground, as an example, Open AI CEO Sam Altman’s product Chat GPT gained 57 million users in its first month.

The Coachvox AI platform is designed primarily for business advice, but clients are seeing results being coached on their careers, health, fitness and lifestyle too.

Initially launching as a platform for business coaching by voice note, the company turned its attention to AI coaching at the end of 2022 and has since started creating AI versions of coaches who are experts in marketing, property, sales, mindfulness and other specialisms.

bcc31198-434f-4cca-91b2-77385f90681e.Jodie Cook said: “One of our coaches used to spend between 3 and 5 hours a week answering questions in her membership group. Now, her AI version answers them for her. Her clients get help 24/7 and she can look after more of them. She’s basically cloned herself.”

Each user has trained an AI model to coach and mentor in their style using the Coachvox AI 7-step training process, which gives the models a deeper understanding them simple language chatbots.

Clients receive personal, private, round the clock advice that would normally cost them a significant monthly fee.

And with an AI coach, clients don’t need to check the time or worry about their secrets being shared. Their AI coach remembers their information, spots patterns, and won’t show up late or cancel a meeting.

AI coaching lowers the barriers to entrepreneurs and professionals getting expert help to succeed in their work. Chatting with artificial intelligence based on an actual person is far more engaging than chatting to a generic AI coach bot.

Jodie Cook said: “Reasons why someone might not use a human business coach include prohibitive costs, not having time, and being worried about judgment or feeling embarrassed.

“But not being supported along a career can lead to mental health problems, loneliness, and not progressing as well as desired’.

Coaching was once reserved for executives and C-suite team members, but incorporating AI could make it accessible to all.

As technology advances and becomes more ingrained in our lives, the idea of an AI coach seems more normal, and it comes with additional benefits including reduced prejudice.

Interested in finding out more? You can do just that via the Coachvox site.






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Published on: 14th April 2023

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