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The PetTech Startups lending a helping hand to pet owners

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petsThe innovative PetTech startups seeking to lend a helping hand to pet owners...

We spend a lot of money on our pets, to keep them healthy, to keep them fit, to keep them happy. We also spend a lot of money on technology, so when the two merge, it just makes sense. From locating lost dogs, to keeping an eye on pets’ health, to finding people to look after them when you go away, there are plenty of startups popping up to give a helping hand to pet owners. Here are a handful of them.

KYON Dog Tracker 

KYON is a dog collar packed full of functionality. It’s primary function is to locate a lost dog - GPS will pinpoint the dog, even letting you know its elevation, and the collar itself will display a message for anyone who finds the roaming fluff ball. The collar is also equipped with a temperature sensor to let you know if your dog is too warm or cold, a water sensor, another sensor that gives you an insight into your dog’s mood and whether they may be unwell, and even a pacifier that emits a high frequency sound to soothe both dogs if trouble is brewing.



Moggie is another collar, but this time for cats. Cats are harder to keep an eye on than dogs, and you often won’t know there’s a problem with them until they come limping over to you meowing pathetically. Moggie monitors your cat’s behaviour and daily activities and compares them to the norm for that breed and age, letting you know if something is not right. It also gives you a breakdown of how much time the cat spent sleeping and playing, and provides recommended routines for pet care and reminders of cat-related to-dos.


HappyTail is a social media platform for your dog. Kind of. Depending on where you live, it can be difficult to find good places to walk your dog, and to know where is even dog-friendly. HappyTail allows you to see dog-friendly cafés, restaurants, bars, and hotels, as well as connect with other dog owners in your area to arrange meetups for a more social dog walk. And when you are connected with someone through the app, you will be notified if you pass nearby them.


Swapaw is a kind of ‘pay it forward’ platform for finding people to take care of your dog while you are away. The platform consists of dog lovers, and has a 4-step verification process to ensure that people are who they say they are, and members are encouraged to meet up with the people offering to look after their dog before they actually book through the site. In this way, dog owners can take trips knowing that their dog is in safe hands, and all they need to do in return is repay the favour some time - for the same person or for someone else.



Of course, you may want to take your dog with you on your trip, and that’s where Dublin-based WoofAdvisor comes in. You can search for your destination and WoofAdvisor will let you know about dog-friendly accommodation, amenities, and services in the area. You can also plan your route and receive the same information regarding anything you might need for your pet along that route: vets, dog-friendly beaches and walks, pet sitting services, etc. There is also a facility for connecting with other members in the area. Kudos to WoofAdvisor too - we listed them as a previous Startup of the Week in 2016. 

Dog Parker

The majority of shops, cafés and the like are not dog-friendly, and leaving your pet tied up outside is not always possible, safe, or comfortable for you as the owner. The Dog Parker is a specialised dog house currently available only in Brooklyn, NY. These Dog Parkers are auto-sanitising, veterinary grade, and thermo-controlled, meaning that your dog is always safe and comfortable inside. They can only be opened by a membership card, and once a dog is inside, only the owner’s card can open the door again. On top of this, interior webcams allow you to keep an eye on your dog the entire time it’s in there.


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Published on: 27th May 2017

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