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The office worker we love to hate: What are the effects?

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by Startacus Admin

Given that we spend so much of our time at work and with so many different people, it’s inevitable that we aren’t always going to see eye-to-eye with alloffice work of our colleagues. There is always that one person that seems to strike fear in most however.

It would be somebody who can make a person’s face drop with the merest mention of their name. We’re talking about the workplace can’t. A recent survey carried out around the United Kingdom painted a picture of how the average colleague we love to hate looks, and what their characteristics are.

Sandals all year round?

18% of respondents named HR as the area that this unsavoury character would most likely work, higher than any other single department listed, the Finance/Accounting department came second. This person would most likely be called Sarah or David, and have argumentative tendencies. There is a good chance they would be red faced, with a large nose, and a penchant for horn rimmed glasses and sandals – all year round.

You can just imagine the effects a person like this might have on your average office in general, but what about the effects it has on individuals on a more personal level? Well, the survey did point to slightly different reactions to the office can’t from men and women.

36% of men surveyed advised they would simply switch seats to be further away from this individual, whereas 45% of women said they would react by heading to a quiet room and venting their frustration with a good old scream and shout!

Counsellingoffice workers

25% of men seem determined to not be defeated by this individual, and said they would look to actively compete professionally with them, as opposed to 19% of women who would do the same.

The survey also highlighted some worrying reactions that employers may want to take note of and react upon. A massive 33% of men and 38% of women said they would be willing to seek new employment just to escape from this person.

20% of both sexes would quite happily call in sick just to avoid the office can’t, and 15% of men and 14% of women would even consider counselling as a result of this persons behaviour. The most surprising response of all was the 13% of men and 11% of women who hate feel so victimised by this person, they would move away from where they live.

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Published on: 17th April 2014

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