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The Modern Milkman - the milkround with a difference

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the modern milkman

The Modern Milkman is a Yorkshire-based startup that's delivering fresh ways to reduce plastic waste, shop ethically and feel good about convenience...

modern milkman logo.In the UK, dairy farmers produce roughly 14 billion litres of milk every year. Not all of this is for consumption as-is, as some has to be used for products like cheese and butter, but that’s still a lot of milk going into mostly plastic bottles. 

We have written many, many times at this point about how bad plastic is for the environment, what alternatives there are, startups working on ways to reduce the impact of plastic, and so on; however, the fact remains that our landfills are piled high with plastics, most of which goes into the ocean to pollute the water and kill marine life. 

modern milkman screenSo what is the best way of consuming our milk without also contributing to the rapid decline of the planet? Simply returning to the days of glass milk bottles?

Yorkshire-based startup The Modern Milkman is a plastic-free milk delivery business, and says that they have reduced plastic usage by 9 tonnes. Now that they have shoo’d Boris Johnson out of their fridge (yes, that was theirs), they have been delivering bottles to customers every morning across Manchester, Leeds, and Lancashire, with orders taken online, right up until 9pm the night before.

Like ye olde milkmen of olde, The Modern Milkman doesn’t deliver exclusively milk, but also butter, eggs, juice, fruit, vegetables, and bread, all delivered in glass bottles, paper bags, and other 100% recyclable packaging material.

Recently, The Modern Milkman announced that it had raised £5m in funding from EFT Partners, which will go towards the startup furthering its role in not only keeping people’s fridges stocked with more than Prime Ministers during this tough time, but also reduce the amount of environmentally damaging plastics in circulation. 

And with plenty of people around the country unable to go to the local shop for the basics, having a steady supply of at least some of them being placed on your doorstep every week eases a lot of stress and pressure.






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Published on: 10th February 2021

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