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The IoT solution for real-time detection of vehicle stowaways

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Journey Protector

The lowdown on IoT based hardware and software startup Journey Protector, an Irish based company who have designed a system for real-time remote detection of stowaways in the rear of vehicles, or theft of cargo.

journey protector logoWe are all aware of the growing migrant crisis around the world, and particularly in France. And whilst we all know about migrant camps and people trying to take row boats across dangerous waters, we hear less about those who stow away in the back of lorries.

The drivers have no way of knowing this has happened without conducting a search every time they stop, and it can result in injury and even death of the stowaways.

From the, let’s be honest, much less important aspect of money, €2.5m is lost every day in the UK and Ireland as a result of the migrant crisis in France. Monetarily, losses are far greater from cargo theft. In Germany alone, losses amount to €1.6 billion, and in the US, this skyrockets to a massive $30 billion. From a business perspective, this is of course a huge cost. 

journey protector screenIrish startup Journey Protector has developed a solution to tackle both of these issues.

It is a real-time monitor that goes in a lorry’s trailer and detects both stowaways and theft through variances in the conditions inside, remotely alerting the fleet operator.

As a result of this condition monitoring, it also has the bonus side-effect of alerting you to other detrimental changes, such as a breakdown of your trailer’s refrigeration.

At any time, the sensor’s data can be accessed via a dashboard, and you can monitor conditions such as temperature, CO2 content, humidity, changes in light exposure, pressure, and more. This dashboard is accessible not only by the fleet operator, but also by customs officials and border control. In theory, this means that stop-searches are made unnecessary, easing some pressure on everyone involved.

Loss of revenue is obviously an important issue for any business, and a device that can monitor and alert you to a stowaway situation or theft in real-time will be of great value to all kinds of freight companies.

But, its capacity to prevent unnecessary deaths through undetected stowaways getting locked in trailers and containers, and the reduction of real-time pressure for everyone involved, could make Journey Protector an invaluable tool going forward.

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Published on: 19th May 2019

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