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The Biggest hindrance to budding entrepreneurs

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by Startacus Admin

There are a million and one reasons not to start a business, and a million and one more reasons to actually get out there and do it. So, what is the biggest, baddest bogeyman when it comes to entrepreneurship? What’s the worst thing that stops businesses from ever being created?

Fear! According to a recent survey by Business is Great, that accolade goes to none other than the age old destroyer known as: Fear.

That’s right, almost 80% of the 1,000 person study cited ‘Fear’ as one of the driving forces behind their choice to not start a business. Among other popular reasons were lack of experience and inability to find funding or a mentor.

All of these are understandably the highest ranked reasons for not starting a business, but that doesn’t mean that they should be, and this is where your friends at Startacus step in to reassure any budding entrepreneur who would have these inhibitions about starting a business. Fear is perfectly normal, if you weren’t afraid about it at some point – something was probably very wrong. After all, every business is a risk, but it’s the people involved that make a business work, and make it great in the long run. That said, if you’re the one starting a business, this responsibility falls to you.

Sometimes, you just have to roll the diceFar be it for anyone to coddle you or make you feel that everything is fine, the honest truth is, it isn’t. There are pitfalls, dangers and risks that as an entrepreneur, you’ll have to face. That is simply the nature of business. Something to ponder though is that if you’d be more content to work for someone else, they’re taking the same risks as you would, and somehow you’d still have a job. That means you either have a lot of faith in someone else, or absolutely none in yourself, both positions being notably negative. Who’s to say you couldn’t do it? Who’s to say you’re going to fail? Or your idea isn’t good? The only difference between a successful business and a failed one is a developed business plan, which anyone can do and source help with. Throughout the UK and across the world, there are dozens of companies and organizations with tips, mentoring and even just motivational help. (You’re on Startacus right now – why not take two minutes to join?)

#StartingSomethingIf the numbers surprise you, or worse make you more afraid – don’t let it. You should check out our #StartingSomething Campaign. This should show you the recognition and the hard work that other entrepreneurs are doing and receiving just for doing what makes them happy. Not everyone can get this kind of recognition, nor can just anyone expect to go anywhere in business without taking that leap – so don’t let fear be your guiding principle. According to popular references fear is an acronym, meaning ‘Forget Everything And Run’. At Startacus, we believe that’s a pretty sound definition of fear, but it’s also the best thing you can do to start YOUR business. To do what you want to do. Use your fear! Forget Everything that’s saying you can’t do it and Run for your Goal! It’s the only way you’re ever going to make it!

Start Something!

Good luck!

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Published on: 5th March 2015

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