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The benefits of DAM software in business

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An overview of a few of the key reasons why the fluidity and functionality of DAM software can have a hugely beneficial impact on your business

photo-1573497019414-e44d0759d00eIn this day and age, no one should have to spend hours sifting through thousands of disorganised digital files, trying to find the right one. Departments shouldn’t be getting frustrated with misplaced work or having to spend weeks recreating missing documents and marketing materials. Processes should be streamlined, and even remote workers should be able to communicate proficiently throughout project developments and be kept in the loop of all the latest in-house changes and advancements.  

We live in a business world where creativity and workflows should be in complete cohesion, and the processes shouldn’t just be simpler, they should be faster. Thankfully, these aren’t just the pipedreams of frustrated CMOs or Creative Managers. All of this and more can be brought to you via the latest in media centralisation – I’m talking about, of course, DAM software.

With the latest and most proficient software available at, you and your department can benefit from the fluidity and functionality of DAM software from the moment of integration. 

Read on for how DAM software will benefit your business.  

Your brand will always remain consistent

pexels-photo-1779487With DAM software in place, you get brand consistency as standard across all platforms, departments and materials. DAM software keeps all your digital assets in one place that is easy to manage and maintain - not only can users find what they need quickly thanks to smart search applications, but version control technologies always ensure that the latest updates of any digital asset are easy to find and implement. When everyone has access to the correct files and the right content, it can help your department maintain high levels of brand consistency, building stronger relationships with clients and successfully echoing your company message. 

Select permissions keep the right content available

Outdated copyrighted images, sensitive data and content including trade secrets, merger plans and other documentation that shouldn’t be within the general population, can all be protected via DAM software. By creating user permissions and strict access control you can limit the actions that certain users have, preserving your company and keeping your digital assets safe. 

It can influence your next strategy

Developing your next marketing strategy or content plan? DAM software can help you pinpoint which of your digital assets are bringing in the most engagement with detailed data analysis. This information is invaluable and can even influence the next steps you take on the digital marketing ladder.

Ease of file distribution

pexels-photo-461064From remote workers to employees based on other sites, sales teams out in the field, or even external partners who want to follow the progress of your next campaign – if you're struggling to distribute files across various platforms or people can't access what they need, then it's going to cause distribution and frustration. Slowing down production and bottlenecking your most important workflows. With DAM you get the ease of file distribution without having to waste time on chaotic email threads and unsafe file transfers, saving you time and money.

Final thoughts…

As you can see, the implementation of DAM software comes with a wide range of benefits. Reach out to for more information. 


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Published on: 22nd December 2020

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