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The 5 people you’ll meet with to get your Digital Startup going

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by Startacus Admin

Getting setup in a digital world of business is horrifyingly daunting. There are big scary words, a complex and convoluted system of hosting and a cornucopia of billing practices and charges flying around; and that’s just to get your domain name sorted!

The amount of work that goes into creating an online platform is staggering, and as a startup or startup team, we figured it’d be best if we let you know about the 5 people you’re going to meet or have to work with. Who knows, Most Startup CEOs look like this...they could even already be a part of your team?

1. The one with a plan.

This is the one who pretty much has come up with the idea, it could be you, or it could be someone else. The main thing is that there’s a plan involved. This person is the one who can see the big picture and the overall vision for your venture. They have the website and business already built and functioning inside their head. They know which features you should add and which ones to scrap. They also have a million and one ways to monetize. This is probably the CEO of your startup. If not, watch out, they very well could be.

It takes time and skill to make a platform look amazin2. The Arty one.

This is the person who’s going to (try) to make your platform and website look amazing. They’ve seen it in a dream or just have a keen eye and know how it should look. This is probably someone from one of those creative teams who works with web developers and the like. They are the beret wearing hipster with a beard that would make Gandalf jealous. You know the one.
Problem is they usually have some artistic talent, so don’t judge, just intervene when things get too arty and not enough business-y.

3. The Developer.

Probably the scariest person you’ll get to deal with. They know to make and break your entire platform with a single line of code. Terrifying.
Not really though, they’re actually a powerhouse of useful info and ideas just ready to be thrown into the pot. Developers are usually the hardest workers before the site goes live, the problem is that many of them have several projects on the go at any one time, so making sure that things are done on time is the biggest challenge here.

SEO and Development4. The ‘SEO’ officer

Before the platform and website go live, they rarely have any valuable insight to offer to the project; at least, nothing that a 10 minute Google search wouldn’t turn up. The thing is though, that once the platform is up and running, get out of their way – even the bad ones have tricks on how to get your site and platform more views and uses, just by somehow using internet sorcery to make Google find it better. In fact, there is a theory of thought alluding that very skilled SEO officers are actually powerful wizards that use their magic to control the internet to their will.

5. The Salesperson

Finally we come to the salesperson, this is a tricky one, as from the start to finish of your project, you’ll be dealing with salespeople, almost daily. Either they’ll be selling your platform to others (could even be you doing it) or it could be someone from your domain name provider, or your hosting company, or your office space etc. Nearly everyone has their hand out to get things going, but after all, it is business and it’s all about the bottom line with most of these guys.

That’s the five you’ll no doubt meet on your startup journey (at least, if you’re a digital platform) but there’s probably plenty more you guys have met up with.
Why not tell us about them via Twitter, Facebook or email us! We’d love to hear about them!

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Published on: 25th February 2015

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