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That’s so crazy - it might just work! Some of the worlds most bizarre businesses...

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Anyone who is a regular (or even an irregular) visitor to Startacus will know that we quite enjoy the opportunity to go a bit off-the-wall with the stuff we feature from time to time…in the words of our favorite sitcom scientist “what's life without whimsy?”.

We also love to summon up a spot of creative inspiration, so we are very excited about this post which will hopefully do a bit of both… and even if it doesn’t, it’s great fun!

During our ramblings across the internet’s quirkier little corners we came across a business that was so utterly bizarre that we scarcely believed it was true.. but true it was!  So to brighten up a particularly sleepy Wednesday afternoon we’ve been looking all around to find some more of the worlds most bizarre businesses…here’s what we came up with!

Magic Restroom Cafe, the toilet themed restaurant -  This is the aforementioned eatery which sparked such disbelief in the Startacus office. There’s nothing particularly bizarre about the menu Magic Restroom Cafe(which is Taiwanese) but I wonder how you would feel if your spicy shredded chicken came served in a miniature ceramic toilet bowl? Or if your dipping sauce was overflowing from a urinal fit for a Borrower?  But it doesn't stop there, they have well and truly brought the bathroom into the dining room - instead of seats there’s lavatories, instead of sinks there’s lavatories, on the walls there’s lavatories and in the bathroom… you guessed it …there's lavatories.

The Cheese Lady - Have you ever been hosting an event and thought to yourself..”What this needs is an enormous lump of cheese sculpted into the likeness of Nelson’s Column!”  Well despair no more, because Sarah Kaufmann AKA  “The Cheese Lady” is making quite a name for herself over in the States as a travelling cheese sculptress.  We certainly hope she hops across the pond soon, but what could we ask her to sculpt for us?  Buckingham-and-cheese Palace perhaps?... oh dear…

Purple Cloud Studio - Want to do something a bit different with the ashes of a loved one?  Well this is a business that creates custom keepsakes using the ashes of beloved family members and pets…no really! They take just half a teaspoon of the remains and seal it within a pendant, paper weight, ornament or any other small trinket-type thing you can think of.  It’s bizarre but actually quite lovely…

Afterlife Telegram Service - Keeping on the current track, this is a service which aims to deliver “Telegrams” from this world to the next. This is done with the help of terminally Ill volunteers who memorize the telegrams before passing away, and then deliver the telegrams after they have passed away. There is no guarantee that the system works, but it’s a not-for-profit and it gives people some peace of mind so… why not!

CuddlePartyCuddle Party - Now in its 11th year Cuddle Party of New York is a playful social event designed for adults to explore communication, boundaries and affection (we know what you are thinking, but its nothing like that!). They facilitate the hosting of ‘Cuddle Parties’ all over the US and Canada where groups of adults can get together to ...well cuddle….    

Yatchan and Fukuchan, Restaurant with monkey waiters - There are so many bonkers restaurants out there that we simply had to have another one.  Theres a restaurant in Japan which has decided to cut the costs of its waiting staff by employing 2 monkey waiters  Thats’ right! Take a trip to Yatchan and Fukuchan and you will be served drinks and hot towels by a pair of macaques!

Season Shot - Ammo With Flavour- (We had to go over the information about this one several times to be sure we were reading it correctly...turns out we were!) This is ammunition for a shotgun that is packed full of meat seasoning... (can you see where this is going?)  The seasoning is actually injected into the bird on impact flavouring the meat from the inside out. When the bird is cooked the seasoning pellets melt into the meat spreading the flavor to the entire bird... how lovely!

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Published on: 3rd February 2014

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