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Teebike - the startup that's reinventing the wheel

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The innovative French startup Teebike has created a front bike wheel that enables you to convert your regular bike to an ebike

TEEBIKE_025Within cities, mainly, the push for switching to bicycles instead of cars and public transport has been ongoing for some time. They reduce congestion, they cut carbon emissions, they’re cheaper, and they’re healthier. 

In more recent times, this has changed a little to a push to have more electric bikes - getting exercise is all well and good, but not everyone wants to arrive at work every morning sweating and out of breath. The problem, of course, is that ebikes are not cheap, with prices in the high hundreds and well into the thousands. So, what is a good middle ground?

TEEBIKE_079-1.French startup Teebike has a solution - only change one part of your bike to something electric. Teebike has created a front bike wheel with its own in-built motor and a Bluetooth connection to your phone, so all you need to do is take off your front wheel and replace it with the Teebike wheel, and you have an ebike! 

The motor can pull you along at up to 25kph for 50-80km, conditions and rider weight depending. By simply turning off the motor, the wheel spins freely, as it isn’t connected to any chains or cables, and the bike can be peddled normally, giving you the best of both worlds. With its connectivity to your phone via Bluetooth, the wheel’s settings are easy to change, its battery level is always clear, and when you walk away, you can turn on the lock and activate the wheel’s built-in anti-theft alarm.

One of the downsides of the push to ebikes is that more bicycles than you might think are being abandoned, discarded in canals, landfills and, as the founder of Teebike found when visiting China, in huge, open-air bike cemeteries. These can’t be recycled, and so a product that allows users to simply change one wheel on their existing bike and have that ebike that they want can save a huge amount of waste.

All of this makes the Teebike wheel a highly desirable alternative to a normal - and much more expensive - ebike.


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Published on: 17th May 2021

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