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Technologies Your Tech Startup Can Benefit From

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by Startacus Admin

According to recent statistics, the tech startup industry has the highest startup business failure rate, at 63%. How do we combat this? The most critical time of a startup is its early days of operation. With so much riding on the success of the company, it is important you have the right tools and a game plan on how to incorporate them into your business.

For one, there are several general software essentials your startup needs to adopt in order to set itself on the path for success. These include:

  1. Security Software
  2. Point of Sale (POS) System
  3. Accounting Software
  4. Customer Relationship Management (CRM) System 

But that isn’t enough.

In this article, we’re pinpointing specific knowledge, tools, and programs in addition to the above. Read on to find out how these technologies can help boost your tech startup and ensure your company gets off on the right foot.

1.   Docker Registries

Docker is a computer technology that allows you to store your code in a consolidated image. This image can then be used to create your application, known as a container.

A docker registry is one of the main components in a developer’s production workflow. It stores and retrieves different versions of your container images. It acts as a central and private warehouse for your container images, making them accessible and secure. 

The registry allows docker users to pull images locally, and put new images into the registry as long as there are proper access permissions.

Any developer probably knows that the official public docker registry is Dockerhub, which does not require any authentication to download images. It is the default program for users. However, there are other open-source, public, and commercial options available online that may better suit your needs. 

Here are some of the most popular docker registries out there today:



Sonatype Nexus



2.   Programming

If your startup is in the technology field, chances are someone on your team will have to be well-versed in programming. Programming languages are comparable to learning any other language. There are several different programming languages out there today that range in difficulty — but, just like any other language, you can teach yourself with practice.

It is the job of a developer to take an idea and turn it into something tangible. Regardless of what type of software development your tech startup is into, even if you only want to work on the design aspects you should have some familiarity with coding and be able to create basic prototypes. 

Here are a few examples of programming languages:







3.   Amazon Web Services

To those who have been following the tech industry, Amazon is emerging as one of the tech giants of the world. One lesser-known feature offered by the e-commerce mogul is Amazon Web Services, also known as AWS.  This web hosting service is highly dependable and has earned top reviews and feedback thus far. Users applaud AWS’s scalability, flexibility, and wide range of features. 

Amazon Web Services has over 90 capabilities, including:


Storage (Amazon Simple Storage Service - Amazon S3) (Amazon Elastic Compute Cloud - EC2)



Application services




Developer tools

4.   Project Management Tools

We decided to leave this one up to you because ultimately the best project management tool for your tech startup is the one that best suits your needs and is compatible with your work structure. Project management tools help keep your workflow organized, something that is especially useful when working with a team. This cross-collaborative service ensures no task falls behind and every deadline is met with a user-friendly interface. 

Here are a few project management tools we recommend and why:

Trello: Board-view is highly visual for those who work better with images.

Teamwork: Highly complex in capacity with flexibility in features.
Monday: Color-coordinating and a neat calendar view to make tasks easy to follow.

Slack: Communication channel available for mobile and desktop. 

5.   AYTM

The market is oversaturated with survey tools for your tech startup business. Surveying is an important aspect of any business as it allows you to gauge consumer sentiment and modify your product or brand accordingly.

AYTM (short for Ask Your Target Market) understands this and aims to take the surveying process to an elevated level, making it hassle-free in the process. The program is used by some of the largest consumer brands and agencies across the globe. Users easily gain access to over 40 million consumers who are eager to share their opinion on your venture. 

Here are just a few of the many capabilities offered by AYTM:

Run a full range of quantitative research

Collaborate on survey design in real-time

Launch complex research tests

Now that you have these technologies under your belt, are you ready to launch your tech startup?


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Published on: 16th April 2020

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