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Strive - financial literacy for kids made easy

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London-based financial literacy startup Strive is on a mission to teach kids about the future of money - from cryptocurrencies to saving

60736587f217780983ef9c04_Group 549.Cryptocurrency. Bitcoin and Ethereum are perhaps the most well known of the multiple choices, but whichever you call it, it’s the currency that uses a decentralized technology spread across numerous computers that manages and records transactions, called the Blockchain. Simple. 

We totes understand it, which is just as well, because it seems like it’s here to stay. But for those who might not, we’ll generously let others explain it in simple terms that anyone can understand. Others like today’s startup.

London-based financial literacy startup Strive is dedicated to teaching future adults (sometimes known as children) about the future of money. The Strive app connects to your crypto wallet from one of the big providers, and you can get started with saving your cryptocurrency, viewing your NFT (non-fungible tokens) collectibles, and helping your children to learn about how it all works. 

Through the app, you can add pocket money to your child’s account and they can see what that translates to in your chosen cryptocurrency. And of course, we don’t want our children to get away with avoiding manual labour, so you can send chores to them via the app, set goals for them and reward them (because indentured servitude is illegal) with cryptocurrency.

60794d25a49597fadadbc75d_strive_piggy.The startup’s first physical product is a piggy bank that displays your crypto wallet’s balance, bringing a tactile, physical element to the digital currency, something that children enjoy and can connect with better. In the future, Strive hopes to turn this piggy bank into a mining platform so that it will gradually gather more of your chosen cryptocurrency on its own.

Their next product takes advantage of the new NFT (non-fungible tokens) craze by introducing TopMinds, a collectible digital cards and physical toy combo that brings together 100 of history’s greatest minds into a collection that you can gather while learning about and understanding cryptocurrency and NFTs.

Cryptocurrency is not the easiest thing to understand, and NFTs perhaps even less so, but they are becoming more intrinsically tied to the future of currency, and so it’s good to have a headstart in understanding them!


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Published on: 15th June 2021

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