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Startup things to Get Done for the New Year

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by Startacus Admin

Startacus gives you some startup advice for things you need to get done early in 2015...

The new year is literally upon you. All of those tasks you’d left to the last minute and pigeon holed have been accumulating over the past few weeks. The office is probably in a state, there’s those end of year prize giveaways to be posted and confirmed, and you probably have barely started on organising plans for the next year.

To help you get the ball rolling here’s a few startup themed things you should get sorted at the earliest opportunity in the new year.

Finalize everything that needed to be finalized while closing out the year. Getting it Done before more Piles up is Always a good idea

All those last minute business deals that you managed to Donald Trump over the holiday season should be written up, confirmed and invoiced. The holiday season can make a lot of paperwork appear on desks, in abundance - very quickly, things can fall through the cracks. Making sure that all of these are taken care of and finalised as soon as you can over the season ensures the success of the deals coming to fruition.

Would you want to Start Back looking at that?
Tidy the office

You remember probably seeing the office before the break? Sweet wrappers? Office party remnants and papers that were left haphazardly on the desks? These aren’t beneficial to a startup at the start of a new year. In fact, they’re the definition of a hindrance. Making sure the office is presentable and not a challenge to navigate during one of the busiest time for any business is a must!

Make sure any mail from the end of year promotions, advertising and correspondence are posted and processed...Tis the season for packages and what not?

It’s an absolute nightmare to be met with questions, complaints and queries about these sorts of things in the new year, especially when they were done and dusted last year! Smart thing to do here, to avoid an added workload onto the new year rush, would be to tackle these prior to them coming up. Make sure prizes are mailed or claimed. Contacting the relevant people to ensure that they’ve received these things will serve you better than the aspirin you’ll need to deal with the stress later on.

Start making plans and setting goals to achieve over the coming months and year

The key to achieving goals is to actually set them and define their parameters. S.M.A.R.T. targets, something you’ve probably heard of?

SMART targetsSpecific.
Knowing exactly what you want to achieve. How you plan to achieve it. Who will be working on it. Which transactions and purchases need to be made etc.

Measureable. Your targets should have ways to measure how far you’ve come, and how far you have yet to go.

Attainable. Your Goal should be something that you can attain. Discovering nuclear fusion energy without the budget or scientific knowledge, is probably not attainable.

Realistic. Strap on your common sense hats, as your goal has to be something that has a real chance of happening. Making more money than Donald Trump and Richard Branson overnight without any work, just a clever idea and a gutsy attitude, doesn’t fall into this category.


When setting the goal, set time limits. Make sure there isn’t just a start and end point. implement review times, goals over the year and smaller goals to reach your overall aim.

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These will keep the new year’s lull at bay, as well as give you a little bit of a head start coming into the new year!

From the Startacus Team; Happy New Year! Best of Luck in 2015!

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Published on: 30th December 2014

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