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Starter Barter - skills exchange for freelancers

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Starter Barter is a service exchange platform to help you find somebody who needs what you do, and does what you need. 

logo (7).Bartering used to be the way things were done - skilled work exchanged for goods or other skilled work. And then money came along and the unskilled could rest easy. Here and there, we still use this system, although it is more often in our own circle of friends or family - come and fix my computer and I’ll make you dinner; write professional copy for my web design business and I’ll build you a website.

The lockdowns were particularly difficult for freelancers, especially in the creative sectors, in large part because the government didn’t want to give them any of the assistance others were getting. Work went down considerably for them, and with it went their ability to buy services to improve their own business, making bartering a more enticing prospect.

starterbarter imageLondon-based startup Starter Barter is looking to connect people who have services that they can offer in exchange for other services. Whether you are a writer, programmer, web designer, accountant, marketing expert, or any other kind of freelancer, Starter Barter is a way to access a wide range of services and find exactly what you need.

The process is simple: create a free account, enter the service you need and the service you can offer, and see matching freelancers. If the work can’t be done remotely, you can filter by your location, and then you simply contact one of the matches to arrange the exchange. In the event that you don’t find an immediate match, the site will continue searching for 60 days and will email you when it finds one so that you can get on with other things.

Hosting this bartering is one of three services that Starter Barter will be offering in 2022. The others will be a matching platform for founders and entrepreneurs, and a freelancer platform to provide an alternative to those already on the market.

Exchanging services for services is always a good, mutually beneficial way to get things done, but in the current climate where money is even tighter than usual for freelancers, it could be vital for many.

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Published on: 3rd May 2022

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