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Sonic the AI-powered leak detector

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SONIC leak detector
Smart-home startup Hero Labs have created Sonic, an AI-powered device that uses flow, pressure, and temperature sensors to detect leaks...

Water leaks are anything from annoying to worrisome to catastrophic. But it’s not just a case of a dripping tap evolving into your bathroom dropping into the kitchen; water Hero Labsleakage causes up to £2.5 million of damage per day in the UK alone, compared to £1.4 million of damage caused by fire. Water leaks are water wastage and already, by 2025, two-thirds of the world’s population will be faced with water shortages. 

Yes, we are repeating the facts displayed on today’s startup’s website, and yes some of us may have just spilled our glass of water down our front like a toddler, ironically, but facts are facts. Water is one of the single most precious resources our little marble has, and leaking it everywhere is not ideal.

SONIC leak detectorSo London-based smart-home startup Hero Labs has created Sonic, an AI-powered device that uses flow, pressure, and temperature sensors to detect leaks and automatically shut off the water supply to protect the property and your wallet from damage. A single Sonic unit can protect the entire property from a leak anywhere in the system. Hero Labs say that their patent-pending ‘HD Ultrasonic’ technology can even detect dripping taps and pinhole leaks.

As well as leaks, Sonic can predict freezing in your pipes and warn you via the inevitable companion app. Because of its ultra-sensitivity, it can also tell you what appliances use the most water, potentially helping to save you money that way too. And because it is smart, it can learn your water usage habits so that it can tell the difference between normal usage and something harmful going on, like a tap left running. If you use Sonic, you might even be able to secure a discount on your insurance.

This month, Hero Labs secured £2.5 million in seed funding led by Earthworm Group, an environmental fund manager. This funding will help finalise development and bring Sonic to market. We’ve had our own experiences with water leaks, and Sonic is definitely something we wish we’d had!

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Published on: 23rd July 2019

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