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So you want to be Mark Zuckerberg?

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by Startacus Admin

So you want to be Mark Zuckerberg? Well if you do, these pointers from EntrepreneurXpress, might just help you out along the way...

Anyone who is within 50 metres of a laptop or a computer or a phone would have herd of Mark Zuckerberg. Often called a genius, a mastermind and sometimes a villain (think about The Social mark zuckerbergnetwork), Mark Zuckerberg is not only the world’s youngest billionaire but is singlehandedly changing the rules of business. A poll taken in a national magazine reported that 67 percent of young people see Mark Zuckerberg as their inspiration. EntrepreneurXpress looks at what made Zuckerberg so special and even more so, how you can be the next Zuckerberg.

Don't be afraid to mix it up.
Anyone who was watched The Social Network (yes we know it wasn't exactly the most accurate movie ever produced) would know that Zuckerberg began by creating a website called FaceSmash. The function of the website was a bit odd-it put the faces of two students next to each other and asked people to rate who was hotter. Although the website was a hit in Harvard, Zuckerberg had hacked into the school computer system to get the pictures of the people-which was illegal so it got shut down. Later that term, Zuckerberg was up to his usual antics and created a site with the aim of helping his friends study for their art project. A bit of FaceSmash was in this website too but this one was different in that it allowed people to post comments under the images. The third part of the jigsaw came when two Harvard students asked Zuckerberg to create Harvard Connection- a dating website for Harvard students. Mix all these three ideas and what do you have? Facebook! All of these ideas were good when done singularly but then when mixed together they became the social networking monster that Facebook is at the moment. And it all came down to Zuckerberg being unafraid to mix and match.

Learn how to program
"My one piece of advice is to learn how to program" was a piece of advice Zuckerberg once gave when conducting an interview. So why did he say this? We guess it’s because he’s realised that we are in a time when programmers are very essential. I'm sure you've heard of all these insane companies started by young people being sold for millions and most-if not all of them- were created by people who could program. There has never been a higher demand for programmers than now in this rapidly changing world! You can learn to program from various websites online however our favourite would probably be If programming is not your thing- and it really should be- then don't worry you can still be like Zuckerberg because this rule doesn't only apply to programming but to everything. Before you start any business- always make sure you have the necessary skills needed. The reason for this? When that idea comes along- you'd be ready to go for it knowing you have everything you need.

Always better yourself.
As we'd already agreed, Zuckerberg is a genius. However did you know that EVEN HE is always trying to better himself. Yes, Mark Zuckerberg, the world’s youngest billionaire always thinks he can be better! A typical story goes that in his early years of Facebook, some employers of Facebook questioned whether he had the skills to be a good CEO. Mark could have easily flared up and fired these employees but he did nothing like that- in fact he went the exact other way- we went to get CEO lessons from a retired CEO. If that is not working to be better then nothing is! The lesson is clear here, to be the best- to be the real "gamechangers" as Mark has often be described, you cannot be content with where you are now.

Focus. Focus. Focus.
If there was one thing that is so evident in the life of Zuckerberg, it was his insane focus when creating Facebook and his insane focus as he continues to grow it. It was not uncommon for Mark to stay up the whole night, working programming and doing all sorts. Even he says himself. "It's not really uncommon for me to stay up until 6 or 8 in the morning." One of the major reasons why Mark was able to grow Facebook into the social networking giant it is now is because he had and still has an insane work ethic. This is evident even in the company itself- look at things like Facebook Chat, News Feed, Friend's Suggestions and the social gaming part of Facebook. All have been span out in quite short space of time and this is all down to Zuckerberg’ s work ethic. If you want to be uber successful at something, then turn off the tele, close that YouTube tab and dare I say it, turn off your phone and focus.

Identify why?
" Our aim is to make the world more open and connected," Zuckerberg once said at a TEDx talk, he further added in another interview, "we can make a bunch of money, but that's not the goal.". It may be easy saying this now, being worth over $10 billion and everything but bear in mind that Mark said this before Facebook's public offering. The truth is Mark Zuckerberg seems not to be that interested in money but rather in creating something really game -changing. He has a mission. And you should to, if you want to be super successful. Because having a mission-backed by action-keeps you on track and out of bed when those dreary days come along. So what's your mission for your business? What exactly are you trying to do. Figure that out-work towards it and everything else including the money would fall into place.

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Published on: 27th January 2013

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