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Sleep tech startups you won't get tired of looking at

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sleep tech startups

Sleep is important. We know that. We don’t need fancy ‘scienceers’ with their white coats and their glasses telling us that. A bad night’s sleep can ruin the entirety of the next day and ultimately have a detrimental effect on our health. Luckily, there are startups out there who know this too, and are working on improving our nights. Here, you might have guessed, and some of those startups that would fall into the sleep tech sector.

Eve Mattresseve

The most obvious part of sleep is a bed on which to do it. eve has watched how people respond to memory foam and used these findings to create a new generation of memory foam mattress which they say is more supportive, cooler, and has more bounce in order to give you a more tranquil sleep. eve easily raised seed funding and went on to be profitable early on in its first year of business.


Beddit is a sleep tracker that helps you keep tabs on your sleep, giving you information on your breathing patterns, heart rate, environmental optimisation, and even an indication of whether you snore. You can see the results instantly and in a two-weekly report, meaning any medical professionals you are seeking help from can get a better picture of your sleep patterns than you could ever describe for them.


The deepest, most beneficial stages of sleep are the most uncommonly reached. Sleepion, from Japanese startup Cheero, is a device created to employ light, sound, and aroma to help the user fall into this deeper sleep. The luminescence and colour temperature are optimised for sleep, while the speakers emit the soft sounds of nature that, according to Cheero, mimic the environment of the womb. Lavender, geranium, and cedarwood essential oils are included with the Sleepion and are diffused throughout the night. We feel sleepy just describing it.


Sleep ShepherdSleep Shepherd

The Sleep Shepherd uses a combination of EEG brainwave monitoring to detect how active your brain is and a feedback system that plays tones of precise frequency into each ear to encourage the brain’s frequency to lower from ~50Hz to ~10Hz, which is ideal for sleep. By employing these complementary systems throughout the night, the Sleep Shepherd should help the user to sleep deeply and comfortably, and in the morning the smart alarm will use the feedback system to start bringing your brain to the right frequency before you wake.

Sleeper HeroSleeper Hero

Sleeper Hero is one for the children. It consists of a storybook and a superhero doll. The book tells a story, involving the doll, that encourages children to go to bed, to feel safe there, and to stay there. The doll has a special light on its chest that glows red when your child should be in the bed, keeping him/her safe, and turns green when it is okay to get out of bed. Encouraging children to sleep better improves (night)life for everyone.

Hello SenseHello Sense

Sense from Hello is an attractively designed device that plays ambient sounds - including white noise, fireside crackling, rainfall, etc. - to help you fall asleep and tracks your sleep and provides you with detailed but simple insights. Throughout the night, Sense monitors a range of environmental considerations such as light, sound, air quality, temperature, humidity, and more to ensure you are sleeping in an environment conducive to sleep. Come morning, the device will begin to wake you up anywhere up to 30 minutes before the alarm (depending on your sleep cycle), meaning you won’t be wrenched from the depths of sleep and grump your way through the day. And it does all this while looking like a piece of elegant modern art. Or a rubber band ball.


Due to launch this year, SleepCogni is a cognitive behavioral therapy bedside device designed out of international-travel-induced desperation. The idea is to help the user relearn how to sleep and promote the wind-down process using auditory, visual, and tactile cues based on the user’s heart rate, temperature, and alertness.

With all these startups and more tackling the problem of unsatisfactory sleep, we can all expect our health, productivity, and quality of life to improve exponentially! Or at least we’ll yawn less.


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Published on: 21st March 2017

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