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Self Starter of the Week - Hall of Fame 2014

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Monday 3rd March 2014

Self Starter of the Week is Dee O'Leary

As a mum of 3 young children Dee (alongside her husband) came up with the business idea for the Self StarterIDME wristband for children. Following through with said idea, they have since taken the velcro Child ID Wristband to market, winning a number of awards along the way. A new member to Startacus, Dee is a great example of a self starter - doing something with that initial idea, and also proof that whilst the idea is rather simple, the end result may well offer life saving security to both parents and children. Congrats Dee, you are our first Self Starter of 2014! 

Dee O'Leary's Startacus profile can be found here! 
iDME'S Website is here
iDME's Twitter feed is here 

Monday 10th March 2014 

Self Starter of the Week is....Ben Fisher

Self Starter of the WeekBen is working on a project called appdrops. It is a simple app discover platform that promotes apps when they drop in price. Simples! Ben recently shared his startup story on Startacus - From Surfer to Startup including some handy tips for other self starters on going from concept to market and its great to see someone (aka Ben) doing something with that 'idea' and developing it over the last 12 months so that it is a real life, living and breathing business. Arise Sir Ben Fisher, Self Starter of the Week. 

Ben Fisher's Startacus profile can be found here!
Appdrops Website is here
Ben Fisher's Twitter feed is here 

Monday 17th March 2014

Self Starter of the Week is...Joshua Newton

Why?self starter
Joshua is just in the process of launching Nova's Dream a new ‘one tap’ arcade game for the iPhone. However that's not really the full story. Joshua and his family were dealt a life changing blow when as a young child Josh was involved in a major accident which left him with permanent head scars, confidence issues and shame at the permanent scares that covered the top of his head. We hope to tell you more about Joshua's story asap, but for the time being we are delighted to award Joshua with the Self Starter of the Week title and just in time for the launch of his iPhone game that will hopefully also be the start of a new amd exciting chapter in his life. 

Joshua Newton's Startacus profile can be found here! 
Nova's Dream website can be found here
Josh Newton's Twitter feed can be found here 

Monday 24th March 2014 

Self Starter of the Week is...Aly Cranston


After the birth of her son Kit, she had her own Eureka moment! One rainy autumn morning, with no idea how to fill the day with her son, she Aly Cranston decided to put together a box full of different things to amuse them both whenever they were bored. Said eureka moment soon became The Rainy Day Box Company and from that initial simple idea Aly now has a fully fledged and successful business helping other parents reap the benefits of interactive play, without any hassle. So if being a Self Starter, is doing something with that big / or small idea - the we reckon Aly is more than a deserved winner! Arise Aly Cranston, Self Starter of the Week! 

Aly Cranston's Startacus profile can be found here! 
The Rainy Day Box Company website can be found here
The Rainy Day Box Co Twitter feed can be found here 

Monday 31st March 2014

Self Starter of the Week is Alan Radbourne

Well anyone who can turn £1 into over £14k in 9 months, should be championed, don't you think! And that's just what clever ol' Alan my one pound challengeRadbourne has gone and done. Need a little more explaining? Then read Alan's blog post on Startacus that explains all about his project My One Pound Challenge! We are so inspired by this fab project and therefore we feel a big high five and congrats should go to Alan for all his hard work. Welcome to the Hall of Fame Alan, our latest Self Starter of the Week! 

Alan Radbournes Startacus profile can be found here! 
My One Pound Challenge website can be found here
My One Pound Challenge Twitter feed can be found here

Monday 7th April 2014

Self Starter of the Week is Nicholas Tenhue

Some times you just have to reward great ideas (and ideas you wish you'd thought of yourself!). Nicholas Tenhue is the Co-Founder of 'just- Self Starter launching' RunTroll a multiplayer game and running app for Android that makes it fun to run. You can compete in virtual races with runners from all over the world, get rewards and move up the rankings. We think that this is one fab App that has the potential to run and run (sorry) and we are delighted that Nicholas has signed up to the Startacus site. Arise Nicholas Tenhue, the most recent Self Starter of the Week! 

Nicholas Tenhue's Startacus profile can be found here! 

The RunTroll website can be found here
Nicholas Tenhue's Twitter feed can be found here

Monday 14th April 2014 

Self Starter of the Week is....Harry McAlister


Harry McAlister is the Co-founder of Ample Earth: a global social enterprise that uses powerful animated videos to help worthy ideas get Self Starter heard, so that life on Earth can survive, and thrive. (tough not to give Harry the weekly award after that Worldly reason) To date their vital work has reached people in more than 150 countries around the world, and it seems that they have only just started. And...Harry also put together a <2 min pitch on why he should be the Startacus Self Starter of the Week (which you can watch here), plus (and no joke) as he is doing all this Worldly good, he's a real life super hero we think! A big high five to Harry - this weeks Self Starter of the Week! We hope to chat with Harry asap to find out more about Ample Earth. 

Harry McAlister's Startacus profile can be found here! 
The Ample Earth website can be found here
The Ample Earth Twitter feed can be found here

W/B Monday 21st April 2014

Self Starter of the Week is Adrianne Rutherford


Self Starter Adrianne is this weeks Self Starter of the Week not only because she has done something with her idea and started her own business, but that she has had to face her own personal challenges to get there. We hope to hear from Adrainne later this week (in her own words) about her startup journey, but it's fair to say that Adrianne has done well to face issues of long term depression and not having her own talent realised, to setting herself on a journey into starting her own self taught cake making business. Congrats Adrianne, you are this weeks Self Starter of the Week! 

Adrianne Rutherford's Startacus profile can be found here! 
Her website Baker Baby
The Baker Baby Twitter feed can be found here 

Monday 28th April 2014 

The Self Starter of the Week is…Chris Arnold


Chris has a strong history in sales, marketing, business development, training...Not that this makes him a self starter, but it is to highlight Agency Negotationthat being a self starter doesn't always mean having no previous career history. Doing something with that 'eureka moment', that 'big idea' can happen at any point in someones career and with Chris, his new venture he is aiming to offer an independent service providing potential home sellers with peace of mind throughout the sales process, maximum sale price achievable, advice on estate agency appointment and negotiation of commission. Anything that potentially makes the house moving process smoother and more transparent sounds good to us, so congrats Chris, you are this weeks Self Starter of the Week! 

Chris Arnold's Startacus profile can be found here! 
His website Agency Negotiation!

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Published on: 30th June 2014

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