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by Startacus Admin

self interviewWant to share your startup journey on Startacus? Got a self starter story or what to tell us all about your trip from corporate slave to startup champion! 

If so our self interview feature might be for you! 

As you can immediate as we we have so many wonderful startups and self starters here at Startacus that it would be impossible for us to interview them all about their journey...

So....our Self Inteview feature is our gesture to give everyone the opportunity to complete a self interview so you can have the chance to share your self starter and startup story with the world.

Why should you get involved with this?Well, the benefits are kinda obvious! You’ll get free exposure to an interested community of fellow self starters, the chance to tell everyone what you or your startup is up to, and you’ll get to do all that on the growing and respected platform that is Startacus! (Subtle self-promotion done!)


First rule of Startacus...There are no rules. Well maybe just a few…

  • Anyone is eligible to apply to be featured, provided they’re a registered Startacus member. So whether you’re an early stage self starter with news to promote or an experienced entrepreneur, with tips and wisdom to share, we wanna hear from you. 
  • Secondly, it really helps if you add your idea, project or startup into our Collaboration area, so we can really see what you are up to, and also promote you as much as we can.
  • Understandably not everyone can be featured, but we will be considering each and every application. Of course it’d certainly help your case if you’ve got an active Startacus profile (hint! hint!)


We aren’t gonna spell out exactly what you should write, nor how you should write it - the format and the style is up to you. Just remember though that your ‘interview’ should be aiming to inform, inspire, and encourage the rest of us and anything that’s deemed to be likely to offend will simply not get past the post.

We’re happy for you to promote what you’re doing - your product, your place, your service or whatever - but do remember that a blatant attempt to simply sell your stuff to other members without any attempt to write an informative and interesting article is a simple no no.
You can also include up to 3 links in your piece - your website, Facebook, Twitter, etc. but no sneaky affiliate links now d’ya hear?

Please remember too that we may have to do a little tweaking and editing on your article before publication - it helps keep the spelling and grammar self interviewpixies busy you see.

Also, since there’s generally a week or two delay between an article being approved and actually going live on the site, do bear this in mind, especially if you’ve got some time critical news to announce or share.

We’re not expecting you to re-write War and Peace so a max of 700 words is probably ideal.

Pics are good, so if you’ve got images that you’d like to be added to your article, send them on too - provided of course that they’re your own and you’ve got copyright and distribution rights for them!

Finally, if you’re in need of a little inspiration on the types of “Questions” you could ask yourself? Just check out our Interview section.

How to Apply?

Simply email highlighting “Self Interview” in the subject box. To make life easier for us - please also highlight your Startacus profile name. We’ll then get back to you just as soon as we can.

So why not give it a go yourself!


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Published on: 24th November 2013

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