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Robotiky- Turns coding into childs play

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Coding is no longer the domain of just the super savvy techno genius that it once was you know - it’s one of a growing group of IT skills which are becoming ever more important in lots of different jobs and businesses.Robotiky- Turns coding into childs play

Those of you who are regular patrons of the startup/tech/IT world are probably well acquainted with coding and its useful applications (you may skip the next paragraph if you wish) but in case you are a little hazy- or indeed completely baffled, here’s a quick explanation.

Coding - Coding is what makes it possible for people to create computer software, apps and websites. Everything that you see on your screen right now (or at any time for that matter) is actually nothing more than code...lots and lots and lots of code. “Coding” is basically computer programming or simply telling a computer what to do by inputting a language it understands… aka code.

It’s actually no where near as complicated as you may think, but of course like any skill, it has to be learned and the sooner you learn it in life the better the chance that it will stick!

Enter Robotiky...

Robotiky- Turns coding into childs playRobotiky is a project which is currently seeking crowdfunding through the Kickstarter platform and aims to teach coding to individuals with absolutely zero experience (or indeed knowledge) of computer programming.

It is a small programmable robot that, with the help of online tutorials and games, will be able to take a person from absolute beginner to a confident and skilled programmer. A mighty claim for such a little robot, however co-founder John Ginger and his team mate Matt Screeton (Startacus member) reckon that their uniquely simple and fun way of teaching computer programming skills could be just the thing to inspire a new generation of little tech minds.

“The core of Robotiky’s teaching is a gradual build up and further reinforcement of basic programming skills. The learning curve is gentle and fun, beginning with tutorials that will have Robotiky moving within 5 minutes of unpacking.”

Great stuff...but what we think is rather special about Robotiky is the fact that it is uniquely appealing to kids and has therefore got the potential to inspire the next generation of little techno bright sparks!

As we mentioned above the chaps’ project is currently featured over on Kickstarter and so far they have raised £10,000 of the £25,000 they need to take Robotiky to the next stage of production.

Why not check it out in a little more detail by visiting the projects homepage or you can actually try out a simulation of Robotiky to see what all the fuss is about. 

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Published on: 18th March 2014

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