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Remote Mission
Natalia Komis
is an adventure maiden, creative activator, business strategist, serial entrepreneur and friend of Startacus. With her new venture Remote Mission - an inclusive remote jobs site, just about to launch, we wanted to find out more about Natalia's motivation and her mission to help people around the globe live the life that they want, where they want, to do good and to be able to pay the bills. Over to Natalia to explain all...

"As I write these words, I am seated in front of Vera the Van, working. My laptop rests on a folding table and every so often I look upRemote Mission Natalia Komis to catch the sunlight playing with the waves. It is lovely.

But “lovely” just isn’t going to cut it.

I need fulfillment. I need a ‘why’ and a ‘who’ and a ‘what’. I need a mission to work towards and values to live by.

This is where Remote Mission comes in.

As an impact-driven business, Remote Mission merges so many of the things that I’ve been doing over the years in the hope that it will not only allow me to live the life that I’ve been craving for too long, but also give choice, freedom and security to others.

A few years ago I was running my own marketing agency. I was also freelancing and working on multiple side projects. Plus on top of all this I was also running my own adventure travel business. It was hectic and my time was being consumed by ‘jobs’ I was doing for money rather than out of passion.

In the midst of all this, one thought that kept resonating with me was the desire to work for amazing businesses but not be tied down to any one location. That was over two years ago, just as the digital nomad trend was starting up and people were beginning to talk about remote work.

Natalia KomisI let this idea brew while working on my own projects. I helped set up other people’s projects. I even worked on three adventure and social impact related businesses, including my own, which allowed me the time to travel and explore.

Though I was passionate about each of these projects, none of them flowed with ease. So I decided to turn off the lights on the things that were cluttering up my head to focus on the ones that resonated with me the most.

You see, as an entrepreneur and a creative it’s hard to stick to just one thing. The way I deal with this is to pick a main project to pour most of my own personal creative energy into and then do business strategy for people with brilliant and interesting ideas.

Putting the amber lights on iamadventures, a social business I’d worked on for nearly 4 years was very difficult, especially as it was just gaining traction. But for some reason the pull was stronger elsewhere. And that elsewhere happened to be Remote Mission.

You see, I think it’s time. Time for a change. Time for a movement around how we work, how we live and how we do things.

Society is transforming rapidly due to technological change. Change that the minority have created, but that the majority are not yet benefiting from.

A gap is growing between these two sides: people with the skills and opportunities to take advantage of this transformation, and those without.

Rising income inequality reflects this trend; increasing profits go to fewer people, and are counterbalanced by high rates of unemployment, low wages or job cuts.

Times are changing, and I believe it’s time we change with them. That we change for the better, in a way that will benefit us all.

I believe that more and more are rising up and feeling the same need. The same lack of unfulfillment. Something is happening and Remote Mission is going to be part of this happening.

“So what actually is it?” I hear you ask.

Remote MissionRemote Mission is an inclusive remote jobs site that gives all people with skills access to jobs that make a difference to their lives and to the planet.

We believe in building a truly inclusive economy and making the most of available skills and technologies to close the gap in our society.

We hope to empower people through technology by doing work that matters and giving them the opportunity to gain revenue, learn new skills and live wherever they want.

There are so many people who have such amazing potential. Yet the boundaries and bridges that need to be crossed are far too many.

This is where Remote Mission comes in. We are opening the doors for people to live where they want, do ‘good’ work and pay the bills.

Remote Mission signposts the direction that the world needs to take by being an advocate for sustainability and social change, and offering tools and opportunities for people and organisations to be able to work towards this.
Remote Mission features

I am on a mission. And no, as delightful as it sounds, it isn’t a mission to sit with my laptop on a beach. A mission to help people around the globe live the life that they want where they want, to do good and to be able to pay all the bills."

Remote Mission will be launching asap. Why not visit the site now and also join their fast growing Remote Mission Facebook community group. Good luck Natalia from team Startacus!

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Published on: 11th September 2017

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