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Reasons why starting a business might not be for you

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by Startacus Admin

Now hold your horses - this is Startacus - The Self Start society ain't it?

Don't we just inspire, motivate and encourage the early stage entrepreneur? Well yep, that’s certainly the case - we love all things enterprising. But self starters can be anyone with an idea, an interest, a hobby, a passion, who does something constructive, proactive about it. That doesn't mean just people starting their own businesses does it? After all, you might be a future business star, but just not cut out for the rough and tumble of starting your own business right now.

With this in mind here's a few good reasons why starting a business ain't for you (right now!)...starting a business

You don't have the right idea

You wannabe the next Richard Branson - tick! You have some really good creativity, marketing and communication skills - tick. You could consider working for yourself as a benefit and you’re happy to take the risk of not having a guaranteed salary - tick! But...and its a pretty big BUT, you don't have that all essential great big (or small) idea to back it all up. Fear not though - this doesn't mean that you'll never start your own business, it just means you probably should bide your time until that fab idea comes along. We previously featured Granny's Kane's and this if nothing else is proof that your big moment can happen at any point in your career.

It’s not the right time

Of course, you might have a great idea but it still might not be the right time. There's loads of reasons why it's potentially not the right time - you might have just started a family, have a hefty mortgage and need the security of a monthly wage, you might live in the wrong location for the business idea you have or you might not be able to find the right co-founder to launch your business with - the list goes on.

You can't commit

Again, the reality is that starting a business is not just a lifestyle and career choice, it's a life choice full stop. There is no committing 75% and having even a small amount of doubt or ‘whatever will be’ attitude. You need to be ‘all in’ if you want your business to work. Success doesn't generally fall in anyone’s lap automatically.

You don't have the support

Behind every good general is an army? Many hands make light work? Behind every good idea, are the ones that didn't quite work? Well whatever the right saying is, the reality is that unless you are an all incredible superhero of an entrepreneur or self-starter, you will need the support of your friends, family, partner and colleagues, if you’re going to stick at working for yourself and / or try to start a business or startup. There will be plenty of times when you will need a shoulder to lean on, or an ear to listen to your moans and worries. Having little or no support, doesn't mean that you can't start a business but it can simply make it that little bit harder.

You don't want to...

Um, speaks for itself really. Nuff said! :)

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Published on: 31st August 2013

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