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We all know how hard it can be to stay motivated, especially when you’ve just started a new business venture, especially if any spanners happen to land in the works, or even if you just have to change the whole idea! It’s hard work, and it never seems worth it. But for some, the goal of helping other entrepreneurs is the paramount point of business, - take for instance one of the startups featured in our Collab Space; “Quality Thrives
We spoke to Brandy Shea, the Co-Founder of “Quality Thrives” to find out more about their plans, inspiration and seeing the States.

So, in a nutshell, What is ‘Quality Thrives’?
““Quality Thrives” is an upcoming web-series that focuses on documenting the passion, struggle, and dedication of 250 everyday entrepreneurs. Not the hot shots or “big-rigs”, but rather, the individuals who still face the struggles of everyday life, yet continue to Quality Thrives Logopursue their passion and stay true to their roots. In our opinion, these are the individuals who provide quality for society, and we feel that their stories could really resonate with other aspiring entrepreneurs.
Another component to this project involves us documenting our own personal journey. We’re selling everything we own to pursue it and travelling over 8,000 miles within the next year (while also working full time as freelancers), so we’re anticipating quite a few hurdles that we’ll have to face ourselves - and we’ll be sharing all of it!”

That’s inspirational already, and the series isn’t even out yet! Tell us, what inspired you to undertake this impressive venture?
“A photographer named Brandon Stanton.
A few years ago, he started a project called “Humans of New York” and began photographing everyday people on the streets. He also asks a super deep, insightful question to each person he photographs, and their responses are just... incredible! The idea that we’re surrounded by these amazing people, doing amazing things, having amazing thoughts, is such a great feeling, and we’re hoping that introducing that concept of relatable-ness within the entrepreneur community provides the same level of comfort and inspiration.”

That’s a fantastic idea, so has spreading inspiration and stories, and giving back to the community something that you’ve always wanted to do?
“Absolutely! For the past few years, we’ve been running our freelance business, Mile One Creative, which provides branding services for startups and entrepreneurs, and the #1 thing that we struggle with the most is giving away our services for free. We have such a HUGE desire to help people grow and succeed, especially those who are trying to make it on their own without financial assistance, so we plan to continue utilizing that model through our efforts with “Quality Thrives”.”
Quality Thrives - In a Nutshell

So, from what you’ve told us on your Collaboration profile, your Co-founder Bryndan Thomas be travelling for around two years – how will you deal with life on the road around the US?
“To be honest, we’re anticipating A LOT of hardship, both mentally and financially - but we feel that we’re ready to face it head-on. This project has sparked feelings inside of us that we didn’t even know we could’s like this amazing “high” that can only be felt through genuine human connection. I don’t mean to sound spiritual or like I’m just spitting out non-sense, but those feelings, along with knowing that we’re actually helping people, is worth every bit of struggle that we might face. So to answer your question - I’m sure we’ll have plenty of break-downs, plenty of arguments, and may even have to sleep in our car for a while, but we know we’ll survive. “
Brandy Shea (Co Founder) Bryndan Thomas (Co Founder) Tex Texan! The Smiles of the Operation!

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Published on: 4th September 2014

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