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Protect Your Business With These Top 5 SaaS Tools

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Want to streamline your business protection? Here are 5 of the top SaaS tools that can help you do just that.

Building a successful business is hard. But what is harder is to ensure it stays that way. A growing business is vulnerable to potential threats at all times. One data breach and your business might be redirected towards its demise. This makes risk management and protection measures a critical part of your business development process. 

However, protecting your business completely is much trickier than you think. While some threats may be on the surface, others are hidden. Keeping up with the dynamics of your landscape and the potential risks is important.

Simplifying the process, we bring here a list of the top 5 tools that can streamline your business protection in 2021. Choosing SaaS tools that can alleviate your business protection problems can be overwhelming. The sheer size of the market choices that you have at bay can put you in a state of dilemma. Psychology even uses a fancy word for it, overanalysis paralysis. But this doesn't mean you cannot get out of it. There is almost nothing that a little strategic thinking cannot help you with.

In order to identify the tools that can make it to your risk management toolkit is dependent upon one criterion. All of the tools need to meet your real-time, unique needs and be flexible to support your business while you scale. If your tools fail to do so, they are not the right fit for your business, irrespective of their capabilities, features, and price.

seonKeeping all the key criteria in mind, we have scoured the internet and created a list of 5 top SaaS tools that can help you protect your business. These tools are powerful, feature-rich, and budget-friendly all at once. No matter what vertical you are in, you would find them to be meeting your expectations.


SEON's fraud management system is based on the concept of core computing. It can be used for cost optimization, time efficiency, and optimization of other business processes. Fraud management systems are critical to the success of any business. They help to identify, prevent, investigate fraud and other malpractices with other suspicious activities. No matter who you are as an organization, enterprise, or startup, SEON's fraud management tools are flexible enough to ensure they can meet the unique needs of your process and render peak performance. It accelerates your decision-making process by automating the manual reviewing process. This means you can declutter your workspace for more productive work.

The software is feature-rich. No matter what your goals are, it covers it all. It is scalable for any size of business, and it is built for multi-tenancy. It can also be used for financial fraud detection, process fraud detection, and process optimization. It creates a dynamic environment for all parties. It is also built with the latest technologies to ensure that it is always the most secure and user-friendly.

The platform extends its services to enrich data in real-time. It does so with the SEON API and gets the data you need to make better decisions. The one-click process makes it even easier to use and faster to integrate with your existing process. The SEON Fraud Fighter's pricing starts at $300 per feature, per month.

2. Proofpoint

proofpoint email_security_best_practiceWhen it comes to email security, Proofpoint is unbeatable. Powered by cloud computing capabilities, the software focuses on keeping your email accounts safe from all threats. Proofpoint's solution is designed to protect and control inbound and outbound email threats in any kind of environment, from small businesses using Gmail, to complex, hybrid SharePoint environments at large. Signature-based detection is the use of known and emerging threats to protect your company against known and emerging threats from any kind of IP address.

With Proofpoint's deep set of reporting and policy features, administrators can make use of a large range of tools, like their 60+ out-of-box reports and custom policy creation at the group, user, and global levels. Other features you will have are graymail management, mobile defense, encryption, and computing security.

Did the idea of outsourcing security ever occur to you? If it did, then it’s time to take a pause. Rethink the amount of data and information transactions that your cloud email servers would have. There are always potential risks. But with SaaS tools that provide protection around email services can ensure you can transact your information in a protected ecosystem. Many risks and threats are intrinsic to emails like malvertising, targeted attacks, phishing, and data breaches. There are email security tools, part of an integrated email security platform, while others are standalone solutions.

Proofpoint, a large security company, does not provide pricing information about its product. Contact Proofpoint to obtain current pricing. 

3. Okta

okta.Okta is ruling the market. It is a management company that provides the organization to increase the secure usage of all web applications, both behind firewalls and is cloud-based. What okta does is it itself uses cloud technology, which helps the user to access okta from any device at any time. Okta mainly focuses on identity verification and access management of users in terms of cloud security.

Okta's mission is to provide organizations with the most secure and agile identity management platform in the world, built on a foundation of open standards. Okta gives us strong administrative features which are so useful when it comes to IT management as it provides access control of users, policies laid, reports of usages when you demand. Okta also offers integration networks that allow you to add SSO capabilities to your application for enhancement of security.

Some of the larger SaaS vendors have already incorporated single sign-on functionality for their products within their own suite, but chances are that you don't just use one application from one vendor. With a third-party SSO provider, you'd get access to the functionality of many products from many different vendors. Some of the larger SaaS vendors have already incorporated single sign-on functionality for their products within their own suite, but chances are that you don't just use one application from one vendor. With a third-party SSO provider, you'd get access to the functionality of many products from many different vendors.

Pricing information for Okta is supplied by the software provider as such.

  • For single sign-on free trial is also available.

  • Single sign-on costs $2 per user, per month.

  • Single sign-on plus is available at $4 per user, per month.

  • The Enterprise version costs $8 per user, per month.

There are multiple options to choose from to check them out. 

4. White Hat Security

whitehat securityWhite Hat Security is a cloud-based security startup that has developed a user-friendly, easy-to-deploy threat defense platform that provides real-time threat detection and security analytics for both endpoints and the network. White Hat Security is the most cost-effective solution that offers a solution for securing any device, appliance, network, or cloud-based service. These tools are usually segmented by the responsibilities they enable, which fall into the following areas: access control, authentication, authorization, malware defense, and secure communications.

This Security web application has been one of the earliest services providers in the web security product category. Thus it is safe to say that they have enough experience in identifying and resolving typical and critical security issues on the web. But that is not all.

The platform also extends its solutions for making mobiles a safe place to interact. The capability of Whitehat such as they support Mobile applications, Training for developers platform, SAST & DAST. Almost covering most aspects of your Application Security Program. Important languages have been scanned for, and are being made available. To get detailed pricing as per your requirements visits the vendor's site. 

5. Qualys

Qualys is a provider of integrated vulnerability management and compliance solutions. They are able to do this by offering their customers both vulnerability management and policy compliance. Qualys is one of the most popular security and adherence solutions that were built in the cloud. 

qualysQualys has built its reputation by providing excellent customer support and a focus on security, privacy, and compliance. It is one of the best cloud security companies that provides the best security for the best price. The functional areas that are typically required for complex cybersecurity projects are various. From CNM (continuous network monitoring), managing vulnerability and compliance, web scanning, firewall development, to website security testing, the list goes on.

Qualys' vulnerability management solution was built to provide a single pane of glass view of security vulnerabilities across all data and systems within the network. The platform's network security monitors your assets (servers, computers, devices) in real-time and identifies them to patch vulnerabilities immediately.  But that is not all. The platform enables you to track devices irrespective of location, be it local or remote. . The visual dashboards make it dirt simple to track every aspect (hosts, scans, and patches) in real-time.

Parting Advice

By now you must have had a thorough understanding of the tools that can make your organization landscape a safer place. However, your job is far from being over.

Deploying high-performance tools is just one side of the coin. In order to stay protected you would need to deploy certain protocols and guidelines to ensure the vulnerability points are reduced significantly. As they say, 'safety is better than cure. But remember you would need to stay updated on these measures. The business landscape is dynamic and so are its threats. Creating a flexible framework is what will give you a sustainable strategy to keep your landscape protected.

Atreyee ChowdhuryAUTHOR BIO

Atreyee Chowdhury works full-time as an Instructional Designer and is passionate about writing. She has helped many small and medium-scale businesses achieve their content marketing goals with her carefully crafted and compelling content. 



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Published on: 20th September 2021

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