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Options for when your business ain't working!

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by Startacus Admin

You've tried everything. You've literally tried everything. But your startup /business / freelancing service - call it what you like - just ain’t working in its current business is not workingform.

No-one said that starting your own business would be easy, or that business success would happen overnight, but this business is sinking, and you're stuck in the sand.

Sounding a little like the opening credits of a Gordon Ramsey "nightmare" show, this might all seem a little dramatic, but the reality is, that for anyone stuck in that moment, starting to run a business and then realising that the business ain’t really working, can make it all seem like a real life nightmare.

But what to do next? Well, although we can’t promise to solve all your woes, it might be worthwhile to consider a few of these options:

Get some mentoring

Pretty much everyone needs mentoring. Whatever stage you are at in your life, having the knowledge, support and ideas of a mentor can be invaluable. Imagine it a little like learning to play the piano. Even if you are potentially an amazingly gifted pianist, the chances are you'll still need the tuition, patience and instruction of a teacher for you to at least pick up the basics. Starting a business is a little like that - perhaps you are playing the right notes, but you’ve simply not worked out the combination as yet.

Get community advice

At Startacus we’ve been building a network of seasoned and experienced entrepreneurs, alongside the raw enthusiasm of ‘beginner’ self starters. Likewise other on and offline networks have similar such networks - from Carly Ward’s YES network to meetups and one-off events like Don't Pitch Me Bro and US based meetups like Digital Dumbo. All can offer solace, a shoulder to lean on and an ear to listen to your business troubles and at best, they can all offer you tangible support and solutions to your business problems.


Bring on the pivot! Only because we have all (including Startacus) pivoted at some point. If you’re not aware of this startup-synonymous phrase, it’s a little like going for a walk in your best high heels or shoes, making an about turn and then heading in a completely different direction. If something's not working in your business, it’s essential to have the common sense to stop, think again and try something else or some other way of making it all happen. Don't simply keep heading in the same direction - turn on your metaphorical heel!

Get a co-foundercofounder

We've written about this a few times before and some of the benefits of having a co-founder can be found here. The key benefit with having at least one other person running the business, is the fact that there's at least double the effort, double the responsibility, and double the ability to deal with problems and issues when they arise. If your business ain't working, two heads are better than one at thinking of what to do to get it right. Also if each founder has different skills, talents and strengths, then your ability to manage all the functionalities of running a business can be better covered.


Um, pretty obvious but pretty cutting at the same time. Often ignored, because you don't want to see the obvious reality that your business ain't working cause it ain't really a workable business. This may be the case, it may not, and we can't say for sure either way as every situation is different. However, ignoring business issues doesn’t generally remove the problems themselves and it’s wise to at least take a measured look and appraisal of why your business isn't working - and sooner rather than later.

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Published on: 26th August 2013

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