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OpinionX is a Dublin-based startup doing that has created a "next-generation research tool that helps you to discover what matters most to your users".

opinionx logoWhen it comes to learning about your customers’ wants and needs, surveys are all well and good, but how many people actually fill them out? Certainly, those who take the time to do so can give you good insights and new things to think about, but they are insights only into that one person’s mind.

Surveys that consist of multiple choice questions are more likely to get people to participate, because they are quicker and simpler, but the problem there is that you have to actually think up the questions first, which means you already at least suspect that your customers may think and feel a certain way. But perhaps by combining the two, you can get the best of both worlds.

Dublin-based startup OpinionX is doing just that with its user-driven survey platform.

You write the topics of conversation, to whatever level of vaguery or precision you want (the example on their site is simply ‘What is important to you?’), and participants who want to take the time to write an answer can do so. Those who do not want to take that time can see other participants’ answers and vote Agree or Disagree for every statement that has been written before. You can then see an analysis of not only how many people agreed and disagreed, but the importance the participants seem to place on each response.

Opinion x image.The platform provides different ways of looking at this data so that every part of your team should be able to view the data in a way that is useful to their particular requirement, removing the outdated need to trawl through spreadsheets and manually collating data points.

In this way, you can identify pain points in your customers’ experience, their motivations, and understand what you do and do not have that the customers like or want. Because they themselves are able to provide detailed answers, you can discover things that you may not have even considered previously, and then you can see that 70% of your userbase agrees with that thing. Then you have a new goal for yourself just because you asked ‘What is important to you?’

OpinionX is helmed by Daniel Kyne, who was a founding member of the Digital Youth Council in 2014 when he was just 16, appeared on Sunday Business Post’s 30 Under 30 list at 19-years-old, and joined Dublin Hub of the World Economic Forum’s Global Shapers the same year. We think he and his team have the drive and skill to make OpinionX a widely-used and valuable tool for many kinds of business.



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Published on: 4th January 2021

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